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Are you an art lover in Sydney? Look no further! Our upcoming art fair offers free entry to visitors, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the diverse range of art on display. From paintings to sculptures, leather craft to pottery, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Meet local artists, discover new talents and maybe even find your next favourite piece for your home. Don’t miss out on this chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene of Sydney.

Art plays an irreplaceable role in this world and creativity is a core human characteristic. We invite you to immerse yourself in the expressive universe and embrace your artistic and creative side for an entire 24 hours at the Art Fair.

This event is all about getting people involved and connecting them with local art makers. This is a brilliant opportunity for art lovers to find beautiful masterpieces, meet local artists and attend unique workshops, all in one place. Did we mention it’s for free?

During this iconic event, the historic Hyde Park Barracks Museum will open its doors and welcome people to lose themselves in an artist’s playground. On Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of February, you can take part in this vibrant arts and design fair in many exciting ways like attending workshops, from crafting pottery to drawing!


22 artists who defy creative boundaries will be showcasing their creations for you to contemplate and purchase their art. Expect to find a variety of exciting design pieces from paintings, perfumes, candles, leather, to jewelry.

You will take part in unique activities that showcase the Sydney artists’ “savoir-faire”. The range of workshops available is broad with activities from guided leather specialists or pottery makers, to creating alongside glow in the dark painters and sculptors.

Our vision is to make art accessible for all, to stimulate imagination and encourage artistic expression. Uncover your artsy side and come release all that creative energy through unmissable workshops and experiences:

UV workshop by Chelsey Foskett: Abstract fluid UV art class guided by an experienced multi-mixed media art teacher. Learn all the tips and tricks!

Duration 1hrs | Price $130 | Max 25 pp.

Glow-in-the-dark by Paint and Mingle: Black lights and glowing nights. Prepare to experience painting as you’ve never experienced it before – in the dark!

Duration 2hrs | Price $80-$100 | Max 25 pp.

Leather by Mario Sanchez from The Leather Shop: Learn about the fundamental tools and techniques of leathercraft. Make leather bracelets or leather bookmarks!

Duration 1.5hrs | Price $95 | Max 25 pp.

Pottery by Crockd: Get out of your head but into your hands and plunge into creative mindfulness. Enjoy a ceramic session that will have you learning how to pinch, pot and paint.

Duration 1.5hrs | Price $65 | Max 25 pp.

Coil Weaving by Peta-Joy from Wiradjuri Wave: Learn how to do an art piece with Wiradjuri woman Peta-Joy, who transforms traditional coil weaving skills into many forms of art. Learn to do it from the best!

Duration 1.5hrs | Price $160-$190 | Max 25 pp.

Sculpture by Irina Perbos: In this fine arts experience, you will be guided on how to sculpt a miniature bronze human torso.

Duration 2hrs | Price $99 | Max 15 pp.

Handmade candles by Lucian Candles: This class covers the basics of fragrance design and how to work with fragrance oils and soy candle wax to craft high-quality candles.

Duration 2hrs | Price $90 | Max 25 pp.

This arts fair is dedicated to sharing, learning and shopping! This day and night event is a bustling playground for all. There is only one question you need to ask yourself: Do you have an adventurous mind and unsatiable curiosity?