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Hurunui, Kaikōura, Marlborough, Nelson Tasman and West Coast regional tourism organisations have combined forces to launch Top of the South website showcasing the region’s touring routes (TOTS).


This collaboration enhanced the collective approach resulting from the destination management plans that have been developed in each region.

“Visitors don’t see the boundaries of the regions but rather a journey that makes a single experience, so to provide a better visitor experience, regions must work collaboratively to avoid duplication and ensure synergy” said Lisa Bond, Destination Manager at Destination Kaikōura.

From a wildlife encounter in Kaikoura, to the wellness proposition of Hurunui, along with the gastronomic experiences of Marlborough, the outdoors of Nelson Tasman and the ruggedness of West Coast, the regions abound with things to discover.

The new website offers a range of itineraries that have been curated specifically for visitor personas.

The journey of destination management is about giving communities a voice in defining destinations, this collaboration is a direct outcome, and will ensure visitors can enjoy authentic experiences that truly reflect the values of the communities they visit. So, whether visitors want to experience everything twice or simply take on the speed and pulse of the region, it’s up to them.

The Top of the South regional tourism organisations saw an opportunity to re-engage this route when COVID-19 hit, and the international borders were closed.

“Our goal is to offer itineraries that reflect our communities’ ambitions and tell their stories; thus  increasing travel agents’ & consumers’ confidence in recommending & visiting our regions domestically and from across the globe” said Lisa Bond.