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Adventure tour operator Explore Worldwide has researched over 280 local cultural festivals in over 130 countries across the world to reveal which ones are making the biggest mark on social media.

The quirky and wonderful festivals were ranked based on TikTok and Instagram hashtag data, with the results revealing 20 of the world’s most popular local festivals on social media.

These celebrations include all things bizarre and beautiful, with the most socially loved festivals in the world including Australia’s Parkes Elvis Festival, Boorowa’s Running of the Sheep, and the Lismore Lantern Parade Festival. From epic-sized fantasy renaissance fairs in Minnesota to racing dragon-shaped boats in China, the festivals revealed in the new research provide unique experiences for those ready to incorporate a touch of adventure and cultural celebration into their travels.

Oceania’s Most Shared Local Festivals on Social Media

















Festival Name





Social Media Views & Posts








Nadi, Fiji



Bula Festival














Teuila Festival











Marshall Islands



Manit (Custom) Day











Parkes, NSW, Australia



Parkes Elvis Festival











Boorowa, NSW, Australia



Boorowa’s Running of the Sheep











Lismore, NSW, Australia



Lismore Lantern Parade Festival














Angam Day














Heilala Festival











Christchurch, New Zealand



Bread & Circus World Buskers Festival











Merriwa, Australia



Merriwa Festival of the Fleeces




In the Oceanic continent, the research revealed that the Bula Festival in Fiji was the most popular festival to snap on social media with over a hundred thousand social media views and posts.  Local artists gather in Nadi for this two-day event to showcase their talents, from music to dance, cuisine and more. But this exciting celebration is not limited to locals, visitors are welcome to join in and honor the history and heritage of Fiji.

The Samoan Teuila festival followed in second place. Dedicated to preserving local traditions and highlighting the very best of Samoan and Polynesian culture, this annual celebration features unique traditions such as fire knife dancing, tattooing and carving demonstrations and (of course) crowning Miss Samoa.

Manit Day in the Marshall Islands rounds off the top three festivals in Oceania that social media loves to share. This event has been declared a public holiday in the Marshall Islands and is part of a week-long celebration dedicated to honoring the Marshallese cultural history. Colorful parades, performances, traditional canoe races, coconut husking competitions are all part of Manit Day and the public is welcome to join in.

20 of the World’s Most Socially Shared Local Festivals

Rank Location Festival Name Social Media Views & Posts
1 Quito, Ecuador Fiestas de Quito 69,251,889
2 Yangtze River, China Dragon Boat Festival 40,305,709
3 Thrissur, Kerala, India Thrissur Pooram 31,347,008
4 Cali, Colombia Cali Fair 15,350,454
5 Barretos, Sao Paulo, Brazil Festa do Peão de Barretos 15,287,204
6 Dubai, UAE Dubai Shopping Festival 13,765,692
7 Dubai, UAE Dubai Food Festival 10,430,616
8 Guanajuato, Mexico Festival Cervantino 8,210,563
9 Buñol, Spain La Tomatina 6,129,000
10 Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA Burning Man Festival 3,144,409
11 Phuket, Thailand Yi Peng Festival 2,806,583
12 Shakopee, Minnesota USA Minnesota Renaissance Festival 2,508,732
13 Whitby, UK Whitby Goth Weekend 2,325,000
14 Belém, Brazil Círio de Nazaré 2,246,641
15 Chaco, Paraguay Trans-Chaco Rally 2,104,381
16 Zurich, Switzerland Sechseläuten 1,600,000
17 Pernik, Bulgaria Surva