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Coral’s Innovative Drowning Detection Technology in Hotel PoolsTo bring a new level of safety to pools at hotels and resorts, Coral Smart Pool today announced that it has entered into a partnership with Leonardo Hotels & Resorts Mediterranean to bring MYLO, its industry-defining “virtual lifeguard system,” to the hotel chain. As part of a pilot program, Coral Smart Pool has installed the MYLO system at the Leonardo Plaza Cypria Maris Beach Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus, to demonstrate the technology. The program’s second stage will see Coral equip the rest of Leonardo hotels in Cyprus with MYLO.

Accordingly, in the case of hotel pools, MYLO can provide several layers of protection to be used by the Hotel, for instance in the nights when the pools are not active, MYLO can detect an entry to the pool and notify the staff, additionally when the pool is active, and there is a person in distress, MYLO will notify the Lifeguard or the staff immediately to take action. MYLO works 24/7, and after it notifies that somebody has entered the pool, unlike all other pool entry warning devices, it continues to monitor activity to identify danger or drowning incidents.

Coral’s Innovative Drowning Detection Technology in Hotel Pools

Coral’s Innovative Drowning Detection Technology in Hotel Pools

Other devices on the market can only identify an entry into the pool, and this is not enough as 88% of drownings happen with adult supervision, and the pool is active.

MYLO analyzes video above and below the pool’s surface for a comprehensive monitoring view, creating unprecedented protection as a virtual lifeguard. MYLO features an above-ground camera and pressure sensors to identify if a person is entering the pool and can calculate risks. A high-resolution underwater camera detects a sinking person and sends a series of alarms to take action.

“With our proprietary technology, hotels can create several layers of safety and protection for their guests by having MYLO monitoring 24/7 every pool in the facility,” said Shadie Bisharat, CEO of Coral Smart Pool.

Vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing, but the hotel swimming pools can quickly become dangerous for young children or inexperienced swimmers. Partnering with Leonardo Hotels Mediterranean allows us to bring MYLO to the hotel industry and our consumer market. Our mission is to have Virtual Lifeguards as an inseparable part of the pool experience. Having ZERO drownings is our vision. Whether in the hotel or at home, MYLO gives you the peace of mind you need.

With Coral’s computer vision and AI technologies, the pool of the future will be safer, more intelligent and automated – similar to how computer vision enables self-driving cars. Coral’s computer vision technology will enable future pools to self-manage maintenance, cleaning and energy efficiency.

Leonardo hotels are always looking for the maximum safety of our guests, which is why we are always looking to implement the most innovative technologies and infrastructure. According to Coral Smart Pool, MYLO is the first use-case for “computer vision” in the pool.

With MYLO on the watch, guests can have greater peace of mind,” says Radu Mitroi, General Manager of Leonardo Cyprus.




Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)