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A favourite cruise line of TIC & our members is Silversea. Silversea luxury small ships cruise in both the traditional ocean and expedition destinations. Expedition cruising engenders the thrill of discovery in exceptional destinations. It’s transformative travel; it’s remote and remarkable; it’s spectacular landscapes; it’s close encounters with diverse wildlife and so much more, all in the comfort of your all-inclusive 5-star experience. Expedition cruising has more emphasis on the experience, excursions and ports of call in more off-the-beaten-track destinations than traditional cruising. Every cruise is different as it depends on the weather, wildlife or just the circumstances at the time. Silversea’s expedition leaders have unrivalled expedition knowledge that will enrich your travels & experiences.

TIC introduces new itineraries in the Arctic and Greenland. We have industry rates for the 2023 season ahead of time which is a first and a bonus for us to know they are there. If they can’t be confirmed right away we can register on the waitlist.

Silversea Arctic Beauty

You will find other Silversea Ocean cruises on our website as well such as Tasman (12 nights from $4800) and Cairns to Singapore (from $6400).

Silversea Cruises

New Industry Rates
Silversea – great Industry rates
Northern Europe & the Arctic
Tasman & Asia
Savings and prices are per person
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Greenland 05 Jul 9 nights from $8750, TIC $6100
Greenland & Canada Jul & Aug, 16 nights from $13950, TIC $9800
Greenland / Nome Aug 18 nights from $69850, TIC $28950
Greenland / Iceland Aug 15 nights from $13750, TIC $9700
Auckland / Melbourne 04 Jan 12 nights from $8550, TIC $4800
Melbourne / Auckland 16 Jan 15 nights from $10650, TIC $5070
Cairns / Singapore 12 Feb 16 nights from $11100, TIC $6400
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