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A total of 29,160 carbon tonnes was offset in the 12-month period (October 2021 to September 2022) – a significant 104% increase compared to the previous period (October 2022 to September 2021).

Gen Xers (those aged 46-55) remain in the top age bracket of sustainable travellers, making up 25% of all carbon offset bookings; over 67% of this group were solo travellers from Sydney to Melbourne (and vice versa), continues to be the top route being carbon offset by travellers.

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Sustainable Traveller, for 48 hours only on 24-25 October, Webjet will be matching all carbon offset contributions* – doubling each traveller’s positive impact!

New data from Webjet has found climate change to be a growing concern among Aussie travellers who are now taking the time to consider the impact their travel has, with carbon offset bookings increasing by 63% YOY.

Webjet’s Sustainable Traveller program is a carbon-offset solution launched in October 2020. In its second year running, the program has offset more than 29,000 tonnes of carbon.

Additional insights from the carbon offset program show that:

This is the equivalent of the weight of 52 Airbus A380s or almost 6.5 million jumbo Toblerones – a favourite airport purchase of travellers. Customers who book their next holiday via Webjet.com.au on these dates can participate by ticking the box at checkout to help do their part in being a more sustainable traveller.

Webjet OTA CEO David Galt said: “The continued success of Sustainable Traveller is a true indication of the growing demand for eco-friendly travel. We are thrilled to be celebrating the second anniversary of our Carbon Offset Program, Sustainable Traveller, which allows Aussies to pursue their desire to travel whilst reducing their footprint on the environment. It is great to see such positive results from this offset initiative, and we will continue the momentum of Sustainable Traveller by exploring new ways to expand the program.”

BlueHalo CEO Jenni Deslandes said: “BlueHalo is extremely proud to be powering the Webjet Sustainable Traveller Program, offering customers the opportunity to offset their flight emissions at the point of sale and close the loop on carbon. This program enables consumers and organisations to contribute to lower aviation emissions and support high-impact carbon offset projects with tangible benefits for communities and biodiversity, in just a few simple clicks. We aim to make this process effortless for the consumer and straightforward for Webjet to integrate into their booking flow. Together, we make sustainable travel possible for everyone.”

Sustainable Traveller attachment rate; top performers by passenger demographic and airlines:

  • 46-55 years old – 25%
  • Solo travellers – 67%
  • Top airlines include Virgin Australia, Qantas, Jetstar

Top five routes for Sustainable Traveller uptake:

  1. Sydney to Melbourne – 6%
  2. Melbourne to Sydney – 5%
  3. Melbourne to Adelaide – 3%
  4. Sydney to Gold Coast – 3%
  5. Adelaide to Melbourne – 3%

Top international destinations travelled to, being offset:

Oct 2021 – Sep 2022                         Oct 2020 – Sep 2021

  1. Auckland 15%Auckland 37%
  2. Denpasar 10%Queenstown 18%
  3. Queenstown 7%Christchurch 15%
  4. London 6% Wellington 11%
  5. Christchurch 6%London 2%

Top domestic destinations travelled to, being offset:

Oct 2021 – Sep 2022                         Oct 2020 – Sep 2021

  1. Melbourne 18%Sydney 14%
  2. Sydney 16% Melbourne 13%
  3. Brisbane 11% Brisbane 12%
  4. Coolangatta 6%Coolangatta 7%
  5. Adelaide 6% Adelaide 7%