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Le Ponant DeckWhen luxury and privacy are combined with the magic of travel and eco-responsible navigation, thirty years after her launch, Le Ponant has been transformed to provide guests with a unique travel experience.

Exploring and sharing where everyone is free to go at their own pace.

Uncrowded, Le Ponant offers guests the ultimate luxury invitation to enjoy authentic experiences and moments of rare privilege close to nature, under sail as the preferred mode of travel. The sailing ship is equipped with all the latest technologies to optimise emissions reduction: connecting to electricity grids were available in ports, using the sails, an innovative SCR filter system to eliminate fine particles and cut nitrogen oxide emissions by 90%, sorting waste and latest generation wastewater treatment.

After several months of undergoing renovation at the San Giorgio del Porto yard in Italy, the yacht offers a remarkably private setting and has been entirely updated with cutting-edge eco-responsible innovations.Le Ponant Lounge

“Le Ponant has regained her splendour and more, while setting new eco-responsible navigation standards,” says Hervé Gastinel, CEO of PONANT.

PONANT’s iconic three-masted sailing yacht Le Ponant, which was the founding ship where the PONANT story began, has undergone a major renovation ahead of her voyage to Australia to set sail for her inaugural Kimberley season in 2023. The sleek, refined layout was designed by the Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel and Sterling Design International to create a sense of luxury, privacy and tranquillity that makes guests feel as if they are on their own private sailing yacht.

The common areas have been refitted to allow guests to fully enjoy the panoramic gastronomic restaurant; to re-energise in the spa, wellness area or gym; or relax in the sun lounge area in an ambience of quiet contemplation. The newly imagined Le Ponant is an invitation to go sailing whilst recharging the batteries on voyages that respect the world around, where privacy and exploring with others go hand in hand with eco-responsibility.

Every guest experience has been thought through to help protect the environment and heritage, such as non-motorised water sports and individual or small-group landings at ports of call with a focus on local heritage. After undergoing a complete renovation, the ship now accommodates just 32 guests with a 1:1 passenger-to-crew ratio. In addition to exclusive activities, on board and off, guests enjoy exquisite cuisine based on locally sourced ingredients.

We are proud to extend this invitation to travel by sea to new secluded, little-known destinations,” he said. The 4 passenger decks provide 16 spacious staterooms including a 60m2 Owner’s Suite on the upper deck ‘Zephyr’ with a private balcony. On board, an expedition leader and naturalist guides share their unrivalled knowledge as they discover unusual treasures at sea and during ports of call.

Aboard Le Ponant, every detail has been included to offer a timeless experience; a voyage that awakens the senses within a bubble of exploration at its most authentic. “Aboard Le Ponant, the jewel in our fleet’s crown, everyone can reconnect with nature and their own inspirations, as they live out their desires following the wind. In line with the company’s policy, Le Ponant reflects an ongoing commitment to more responsible tourism.

After an exclusive collection of itineraries in the Mediterranean, Le Ponant will spend the winter in Seychelles before arriving in Australia in April 2023.

Written by: William Trevan