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Donna Campbell, long known as the face of Canada within the Australian travel industry, has announced her retirement after 25+ years with Destination Canada.

In a career spanning 44 years, Donna started out on Vancouver Island as an assistant for Destination British Columbia. From there, she made her way into international marketing roles and was eventually seconded to open Destination Canada’s regional office in Singapore in 1997.

“This led to my dream role – Managing Director of Destination Canada here in Australia, and the rest is history.” says Donna.

“My heart is full, and I can honestly say I’ve got no regrets, having worked in an industry where people give their personal best every day. I could talk for hours about the wonderful stories I’ve collected over the years, but more important than the stories are the people I’ve worked with along the way.

“From my team members, Nathan, Pip and Julie, and our extended Team Canada family here in Australia, to the long-standing friendships I’ve forged with our Canadian counterparts in head office and the Canadian industry, not to mention the entire travel trade industry.”

Donna’s final day in the office is 31 August 2022.