Lifestyle designer hotel collection, Ovolo, is living up to its mantra of making people ‘Shine’ by passing on The Fair Work Commission’s mandated wage increase for award workers three months ahead of the October 1 deadline.

The Commission chose to postpone the increase for industries ‘at risk’, including hospitality and airlines, until October 1, 2022. However, from July 1, Ovolo will pass on the 4.6% increase to all its award workers in its seven designer hotels and seven unique restaurant and bar concepts across Australia.

Dave Baswal, CEO of Ovolo Hotels said this decision was made with Ovolo’s employees solely in mind.

“We’re all about Shiny Happy People. Hospitality is a people business; we are nothing without our team – they are our biggest asset – so it is only right to pass this increase onto them as soon as possible. This will ensure our team are looked after in what are still tough times for many of them – it provides a sense of stability and security,” Baswal said.

“At Ovolo we aim to be a force for good on every level, from our individuals to our communities and beyond.  We believe if a business or an industry has the financial capability to act on the recent Fair Work Commission’s mandated wage increase for award workers, then we absolutely need to pass that onto our people with almost immediate effect,” he continued.

It’s not just the hospitality and tourism industry that has suffered, but it’s the people within – mentally, physically, emotionally – and they find themselves exhausted. Whilst increasing the wages three months ahead, it’s a small gesture and a heartfelt thanks to all the hard working, dedicated, humble, gracious, and loyal people of Ovolo.

What truly makes Ovolo more special and more unique from the rest, is its people. They are committed, extremely talented and they shape our strong culture. People are the heart and soul of Ovolo through their care, creativity and passion creating the kind of ‘feel-good’ factor that keeps guests coming back time and time again.