Redefining the wine occasion by creating something for everyone, NON introduces its Everyday Range (just in time for anyone looking to go dry throughout July). A collection of three hand-crafted non-alcoholic wine alternatives, this tasting pack puts forward their most palatable, popular, and approachable varietals as an entry point to NON World.

Within the new bundle sits fan favourites NON1 (Salted Raspberry & Chamomile), NON3 (Toasted Cinnamon & Yuzu) and NON7 (Stewed Cherry & Coffee). Was it on your radar to go dryer, dryish, or straight dry during the month of July? Consider this a very clear-cut sign that zero alcohol doesn’t always translate to zero taste. Intricately balancing fruit, tannins, salinity, and acidity, the manipulation of each considered ingredient is part of the labour of love present in each bottle sipped and served chilled.

Whilst best paired with food, NON is made to be enjoyed in a freestyle manner, much like the nonchalant drinking habits embedded within Australian culture. Take on the Everyday Range as an aperitif or a spritzer, an after-dinner drink, or a tasty beverage any day, anytime. This offering exists beyond the limitations of convention.

With completely customisable messaging for anyone looking to add to cart for a special someone, NON is known to prioritise the art of giving. A proud supporter of OzHarvest, NON announced their commitment to donate $10,000 off the back of sales for the new Everyday Range. Saving food from landfill and preventing greater emission of greenhouse gases, this donation will most importantly enable the delivery of 20,000+ meals to people in need.

“The Everyday Range is the most approachable entry to the NON World. Without compromising on taste, these 0.0% ABV alternatives bring to you some of the best natural ingredients from renowned growing regions across the globe. A boundary breaking beverage that encourages more mindful drinking under the ever-evolving moderation movement, NON has very quickly set the bar since launching in 2019”, says Aaron Trotman, Founder of NON.

NON is for every day, not just July. Shop the new Everyday Range online now at available for a limited time only at a discounted rate of $70 RRP during July and August. $5=10 meals from every purchase goes towards OzHarvest, Australia’s leading food rescue organisation.