During the last couple of years smart working has become a new way of life.  Smart-playing has always been at the heart of the Geomag toy brand. It’s common sense that learning by playing is necessary for our children but making it fun can be challenging. The Magicube Shapes magnetic construction toys are a powerful tool to develop those skills together.
From magnetic cubes to magnetic shapes
Magicube is a revolutionary building block system made up of magnetic cubes that attach to each other on all six sides, made entirely from 100% recycled plastics. What started out as the Original Magicube System has now become a whole new world of magnetic building blocks with the new Magicube Shapes line.  This ingenious range features not only the traditional cube building block but three additional shapes; the quarter circle, half sphere, and half cube.
A playing system that grows with your children
By incorporating new shapes, your child’s imagination and thinking skills will flourish as this range enables them to invent animals, characters, structures, and even vehicles.
By playing with the individual cubes, even the youngest of children begin to develop their first manual skills and as they grow older, they can build bigger and more complex structures using the pictures on the animal cubes and furthermore as they approach the early years at school they can improve their math & reading skills with the Magicube education sets.
The Magicube Shapes Recycled Wheels 13 Piece Set costs $49.99 from Kidstuff