Digital nomads are people who choose to work remotely using digital technology, whilst travelling to new places and taking in the world around them.
They are becoming increasingly commonplace in the 21st century, with UK Google searches for ‘digital nomads’ soaring by 67% when comparing 2018 and 2021.
But if you’re longing for views beyond your desktop screensaver, remote working shouldn’t just mean being confined to your makeshift home office.
Many digital nomads have been able to swap the office desk for the great outdoors, and adopt lifestyles such as “van life”, with most of today’s campsites offering electric hook-ups and even Wi-Fi – opening up avenues for those more inclined towards a life on the move.
Following a new study from camping experts, Pitchup, they have revealed which of the UK’s regions are home to the most connected camping and glamping spots for remote working.
By analysing all the important factors from which regions are home to the most campsites with Wi-Fi available and electric hookups, to the best weather and most scenic views, they have unzipped the most connected regions for remote working.
The study revealed that South West England is home to the best-connected campsites for remote working in the UK, with the region securing a total score of 71.6 out of 110 in the study.
South West England has some of the cheapest prices per night for a campsite or glamping spot (£18.32) of anywhere in the UK too, which may come as a surprise to some, with camping in Cornwall being so popular amongst many.
What’s more, South West England also scored 14.7/20 for the number of campsites in the region that offer electric hook-ups, putting it in the top 4 regions out of the seed list of 20.
Here’s how the other regions ranked:
Table 1: Best regions for remote working

Ranking Region Overall Score / 110
1 South West England 71.6
2 Scotland South 71.1
3 Edinburgh and the Lothians 68.4
4 South Wales 66.3
5 West Wales 66.3
6 London 63.7
7 East England 60.0
8 North Wales 58.4
9 Tayside, Central and Fife 57.4
10 East Midlands 52.6
11 Yorkshire and the Humber 52.6
12 North West England 52.6
13 South East England 52.1
14 Glasgow and Strathclyde 52.1
15 Aberdeen and the North East 49.0
16 North East England 45.8
17 West Midlands 45.8
18 Mid Wales 40.5
19 Highlands and Islands 40.0
20 Northern Ireland 32.1
Scotland South came in at second place for its high number of well-connected campsites, with the region scoring 71.1/110. The region, which includes Berwickshire, Dumfries, Galloway and the Scottish Borders, is home to the cheapest outdoor accommodation prices in Scotland, with costs averaging £18.11 per night, per person.
What’s more, Scotland South scored 9/10 when it came to campsites having an on-site cafe, meaning you won’t be short for a bite to eat if you’re not up for cooking.
Although Edinburgh and the Lothians do not score strongly in the Wi-Fi department, it is still considered a great region for the avid smartphone hot-spotter. This is what makes it the third best region for remote working at campsites in the UK, receiving a total score of 68.4/110, with its high scoring amenities, such as on-site cafes, nearby takeaways and shower facilities.
In fact, this region scored full marks when it came to campsites providing shower facilities, with a glowing ranking of 10/10.
Other great camping destinations for people who want to stay connected and continue to work remotely while camping can be found in South Wales – which ranks fourth with a 66.3 score – and West Wales – which also ranks with a 66.3 score.
Campers in South Wales can enjoy some of the warmest temperatures on average in the UK at 15.84 degrees when looking at the yearly average, while those staying in West Wales have the luxury of being able to take an after-work stroll on the beach, scoring 10/10 for closeness to the coast.
Surprisingly, city-dwellers in England’s capital city, London, don’t have to travel too far if they want to swap their office for the outdoors, since London ranks as the sixth-most connected campsite region with a total score of 63.7.