Happy Easter to you all.
For our Azamara lovers and credit holders, Easter time is delivering you many industry rates on Azamara sailings.Azamara is known for it’s destination immersion experiences. The carefully crafted immersive itineraries feature longer stays, more overnights in port, bespoke night touring, arts, cuisine and local customs that make each place unique. Also Unique to Azamara are the “Azamazing Evenings” where you are treated to very special local entertainment. Look for the Azamara’s intensive itineraries which will give you a more indepth experience of the area.
Azamara’s 4 ships carry no more that 700 guests. These boutique-style ships dock at smaller, less travelled ports, making it more convenient to experience these right from your doorstep. Azamara’s industry rates are all-inclusive of beverages and gratuities.
Azamara’s newest addition to the fleet, Azamara Onward, sets sail in a few weeks and we have many itineraries on her at industry rates. I am told the Atlas Bar, an exclusive venue only on Onward, is the new ‘in place’ to check out!
Azamara sails the globe but we are highlighting some new itineraries at industry rates: South America, Antarctica, Arabia, Asia and many European sailings. Some examples below and there are more coming on our website during the week.


New Industry Rates
Azamara – Industry rates
Industry discounts – 30% ++
All TIC members eligible
Alcohol and gratuities included
All savings and amazing prices are per person
Antarctica – 1 cruise, 17 nights for just $4275
Carnival in Rio 10 Feb 15 nights from $4899, TIC $3235
Singapore/Perth 10 Dec 11 nights from $2035
Dubai/Singapore 26 Nov 14 nights from $3615, TIC $2835
Argentina/Uruguay/Brazil 16 Dec 10 nights from $3020, yours $2265
Spain Intensive  08 May 11 nights from $2669
Croatia Intensive 11 Jun 7 nights from $1829
Norway intensive – Dublin to Amsterdam 14 nights from $3419
Portuguese Pursuit – Rio/Lisbon 16 nights from $2339
Egypt & Israel intensive – Athens/Istanbul from $2919
See our website for many more Azamara sailings.