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Lime Hemp GummiesAustralia is an enormous country, with almost as much variety in climate and local culture as the USA. From deserts to jungles to beaches, there is a little something for everyone in the Land Down Under.
Unfortunately, it can be tempting to only visit the main spots rife with tourists. Truthfully, it is a bit easier and less daunting than attempting to explore places off the beaten track.
However, before only visiting Byron Bay or the Great Barrier Reef, take a little time to research the best places worth visiting in Australia. Take a few lime hemp gummies, sit down, relax, and get searching. This guide should give you a few great ideas.  
CBD sleep gummies are an excellent solution for the long flight over. Then, you’re all set to visit beautiful destinations across Australia.

Fitzroy Island

Australia is an island with a surprising number of smaller islands off its coastline. As a tourist, it is always tempting to stick with the famous islands known for their Instagram-worthy attractions.
While a three-night trip around the Whitsunday Islands will almost definitely not disappoint, there are so many other smaller hidden gems that cannot afford to be dismissed.
Fitzroy Island, only a short boat ride off the coast of Cairns, Queensland, is one of the hidden gems that every tourist should add to their must-see list.
Fitzroy Island has a total area of just under 3.4 Km, making it perfect for a day trip. The island is mainly known for its tropical climate and beautiful rainforest. Plus, it has its own coral reef system.
Part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Fitzroy Island is the perfect place for afternoon snorkelling. As a bonus, the island tends to be much quieter than many of the main snorkelling areas around the Great Barrier Reef, making for a more peaceful undersea experience.

The Big Banana

The Big Banana is based in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, and is not to be missed by tourists who find themselves in the area.
Originally opened in 1964, the Big Banana is 15m long and was part of a project known as Australia’s Big Things. The Big Banana is now part of a larger amusement park set among a banana plantation.
The Big Banana Park features several popular rides and the chance to walk through the Big Banana, an experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
A day out at the Big Banana is perfect for backpackers passing through, looking to tick attractions off their bucket list, and families seeking an activity-packed day out.
The amusement park manages to pack a plantation tour, water park, ice rink, and the World of Bananas Educational Experience into one fun-packed day out.

Mount Wellington

For a great hiking experience in Australia, venture away from the mainland to the southern town of Hobart, Tasmania.
Mount Wellington at the summit of the Wellington Range is 1,271 meters above sea level and features spectacular views of the southern tip of the island and the sea beyond. The summit of the Wellington Range can be reached by several walking tracks that slowly unfold views of Hobart and beyond.
The best time of year to hike Mount Wellington is in summer. You will find yourself travelling through all four seasons at this time of year as you leave summer behind at the mountain’s base and eventually reach a blanket of snow at the top. It’s a surreal experience.

Surfers Paradise – Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is known for its magnificent beaches and excellent nightlife. The Gold Coast has something for everyone, with the strip of coastline managing to fit what feels like several different towns into a relatively small space.
Perhaps the most famous amongst tourists is Surfers Paradise, which, as its name suggests, features the quintessential Australian suffering experience. Surfers Paradise is also commonly known as the Miami Beach of Australia.
By day Surfers Paradise is packed with water sports activities and action-packed days out. Spend the morning quad biking or brushing up on your suffering skills. Then get ready to party on the strip’s many bars. Finish the night off stargazing on the beach.  Finish the night off stargazing on the beach. 

Queen Victoria Market – Melbourne

Queen Victoria Market in the centre of Melbourne’s Central Business District is one of the best places in Australia for foodies. Seventeen acres of land, Queen Victoria Market is the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere.
Queen Victoria Market features a mix of food stands, grocery stalls, and specialty areas. You can easily spend an entire morning wandering around the market, trying hard-to-find ingredients imported from Europe, and browsing the fish market before heading to the lunch stands.
The market is not just about food; there is also an undercover area where everything from clothes to souvenirs can be found. Queen Victoria Market is a useful place to stock up on gifts for friends back home.
The market has several hidden gems that make it extra special. These include the doughnut truck in the outside area that serves up freshly cooked, delicious mini doughnuts.
You can also experience Sunday afternoon madness in the fish and meat area. Head over to this section of the market after 3 pm on a Sunday. You will find a cacophony of people negotiating on the leftover stock from the week that stallholders are looking to sell as the market closes on a Monday.
For those brave enough to join in the fast-paced negotiations, the Queen Victoria market can be a great way to stock up on high-quality fish and meat at a budget price.
Queen Victoria Market also hosts a number of nighttime events throughout the year. For example, the Night Market takes place around Christmas and transforms into a food truck haven with dishes from all around the world.