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The US, UK and other countries banned Russia’s airlines from travelling in their airspace, and Russia did the same for these countries. Because of these stringent measures, air traffic has been directly impacted. Additionally, this time period was crucial for the world tourism industry to recover. However, with rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine, international travellers are delaying their plans for foreign trips, especially the ones who were thinking of a long-awaited European travel.

So, until the war doesn’t cool down, it is unreasonable to think of optimum world tourism recovery. Nonetheless, amid these tensions, the tourism body of the United Nations has announced a significant news in a view to signal Russia that it stands against the invasion.

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The UNWTO to vote for Russia’s membership suspension?

On 8 March, the executive council of The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) announced that it would vote to suspend Russia’s membership from the council because of the country’s invasion into Ukraine in the upcoming meet. Several other council members have agreed to vote against Russia in the forthcoming session.

UNWTO’s one big assembly is going to be organised in the upcoming days, and the final voting will take place in the assembly. The UNWTO’s secretary-general has said that Russia’s invasion is against their organisations’ values. This might suggest that that UNWTO stands against it, but only time will tell how events unfold.

Additionally, Spain’s tourism minister had already said that Spain is going to support UNWTO in suspending Russia’s membership. The Russian tourism industry is already under immense pressure because of the war situation, and the suspension from UNWTO would further hurt the country’s tourism industry.

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The upcoming UNWTO meet is significant as many other facets of the world tourism industry will be disclosed. Additionally, it is to be seen how Putin reacts to UNWTO’s vote on suspending Russia. If the war escalates any further, the world tourism industry is likely to observe direct impacts.