We’re not called the ‘Hapi isles’ for nothing – and there’s nothing like a Solomon island smile as evidenced by the ‘hapi’ chap pictured here chatting to his ancestors on world-famous Skull Island in the Western Province. He’d make a wonderful poster boy for a dental convention.

As a reminder that we are very much still here, less than three hours from Brisbane, and in order to have a little fun, Tourism Solomons is offering travel agents  the chance to win a A$100 Visa Card simply by adding a caption to the posted image.
There is no right or wrong answer. Captions can be serious, funny, heartfelt – anything you want.  We just want you to make us smile even wider than this man.
Feel free to enter as many times as you like.

To enter simply visit www.enterhere.net/solomons using your email address to login.