Tourism Exchange Japan and Nara Visitors Bureau hosted Inside Japan Tours and DISCOVA Japan in Nara prefecture last week on a product development trip, showcasing highlights of the region. The famil, organised by Sydney marketing agency Gate 7, included many of Nara’s undiscovered gems such as the retro hot spring town of Dorogawa Onsen, the isolated samurai mountain village of Totsukawa and the World Heritage Listed Kumano Pilgrimage Route, Kohechi. The group have been busy visiting fascinating shrines and temples, scaling Indiana-Jones style suspension bridges, cruising through ancient gorges and even trying out a riverside ‘tent sauna’!

See attached the group at the forest aerial adventure park, Kuuchuu no mura, from left to right:

  • Seiho Fukui, Nara Visitor’s Bureau
  • Mika White, Co-Founder, Tourism Exchange Japan
  • Jolan Ferreri, CEO of Kuuchuu no mura (Village in the air)
  • Shoko Fujii, Luxury Department Manager, AYABEX Inc.
  • Yuki Honda, Reservations Executive, DISCOVA
  • Andrew Sinclair, Customer Relations, Inside Japan Tours