Campaigners are calling for new road safety initiatives to be introduced in Australia when millions of children return to school for the final term next month with busy post lockdown traffic expected.

 Many parents are concerned children have become unaccustomed to crossing busy roads after 18 months of COVID restrictions and worry the final school term in October could be the busiest one yet.

 A campaign has now been launched by calling on the Government to provide crucial road safety education to children across Australia as the school year begins to come to a close.

A spokesperson for said: “There is a whole generation of children out there who have never known what it’s like to cross a busy road at rush hour due to COVID.

 “We want to make sure they are equipped to get themselves to and from school safely and without harm.”

 The new initiative will look to provide younger children who may have missed the opportunity, or even forgotten vital road safety information during the lockdown, the chance to learn lifesaving information.

A special focus has been placed on the importance of children remaining vigilant when crossing the road during busy periods before and after school.

 Children are being encouraged to walk with friends wherever possible and to never cross the road whilst using a mobile phone or with headphones in.

The campaign also seeks to spread awareness of the importance of safe and careful driving for those returning to the school run, as well as their daily commute.

Motorists should seek to avoid peak times and remember to watch their speed around schools, shops, and other built-up areas. also said that they want to see the recruitment of traffic controllers bolstered across Australia in order to provide children greater safety on their journey to and from school.

A spokesperson for said: “There needs to be a greater emphasis on the employment of traffic controllers around schools.

“These workers are essential to providing a safe experience to the younger generation and they still act as great role models for children in today’s society.

“So we are calling on the Government to do more to ensure children across Australia can walk to and from school safely and to minimise the risks of a tragedy on the school run.”