Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve seen an alarming number of reports of people purposefully boarding flights after testing positive for coronavirus. This story, on the other hand, is new to me and on a completely different level.

A man infected with coronavirus snuck onto an Indonesian domestic flight this past Sunday. The incident occurred on a Citilink flight from Jakarta to Ternate. Due to an increase in coronavirus cases in Indonesia, flying requires a negative coronavirus test.

One man tested positive for coronavirus but still wanted to fly instead of waiting until he felt better. So, he got creative, dressing up as his wife and carrying her ID, vaccination certificate, and negative coronavirus test. He boarded the plane without incident and almost got away with it.

The man decided to change out of his disguise and into his regular clothes during the 1,500-mile flight. A flight attendant noticed him changing in the restroom and, understandably, reported him to the police. When he arrived, he was arrested and given a coronavirus test, which he passed.

The man is now self-isolating at home, but he may face prosecution (including jail time) for his heinous act.

It goes without saying that the man was irresponsible and inconsiderate. It’s worth noting that he put in more effort than the average person attempting to fly with coronavirus. He really seems to have gotten lazy when he decided to change planes in the middle of the flight — he was so close to getting away with it.

I’m looking forwards to seeing what kind of punishment this guy receives.

By Joe Cusmano