Listening to music on the go has become a way of life these days, but what does one really look for when it comes to earphones? Superior sound quality and long battery life, and Huawei ticks all the boxes here. Huawei has just launched its super light, 34gms FreeLace Pro, making it a dream come true for music lovers who are tired of battling frequent, surrounding noise disruptions.

The FreeLace Pro promises you a near-absolute noise cancellation sophistication. These earphones are equipped with two uber sensitive microphones that offer you a superb choice of three noise cancellation modes for different scenarios, such as the General mode for filtering out street noises while walking or exercising; the Cozy mode that allows you to be more immersed in your music while working or commuting; and the Ultra, which offers a supremely refined and relaxed approach to music.

How the FreeLace Pro works is that it creates voice intensification and reduces on irritant surrounding noises. The sound quality, particularly for instrumental music, is simply divine even on a low volume setting, while the 14.2 drivers can deliver a hitherto unheard-of bass power blast.

Enhancing the users’ experience, this neckband wireless headphone actually comes with three sets of soft rubber eartips to fit different-sized ears. This is a hugely welcome gesture that is sure to get customers heaving sighs of satisfaction, as it’s never a case of one size fits all when it comes to earphones. The bud fits snugly in the ear and doesn’t dislodge easily, which also helps in filtering out outside noise.

The Huawei FreeLace Pro has an IP55 rating and its strongest plus point is the 24-hours of battery life at a single charge, without enabling the noise cancellation modes. Even with noise cancellation on, you still get a fantastic 16-hours straight out of a single charge. Charging takes an hour, although according to Huawei, a mere five minutes of charge is enough to provide five hours of listening time.

The headphones can be charged by plugging them directly into a USB-C charger or a USB-C phone with reverse charging support. This gadget is like some magic genie – the magnetic earbuds get drawn to each other, which then ends the connection, leading to longer battery life. When you separate the buds, you automatically get re-connected back to the song you were listening to. Moreover, you can switch effortlessly between gadgets by just pressing twice on the power button, which transfers to the last connected device you used.

The earphones are 862mm in length, with each end having a small plate, where the batteries are. The power, play/pause, and volume buttons are located on the right side. The noise cancellation mode buttons are on the left earbud.

Priced at $108, the Huawei FreeLace Pro is available in attractive, eye-catching, water-resistant shades such as Spruce Green, Graphite Black, Dawn White, and Sakura Pink. What are you waiting for?

This is available from the following stores: and from the Huawei Shop.