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The uniforms of the Cheval Blanc Paris teams have been designed by Patou — an obvious choice as the two Maisons have so much in common, starting with geography and spirit: Patou is a neighbour, no further away than the length of the Pont-Neuf, and both draw inspiration from the heart of the city and the shimmering flow of the Seine They share an intimate aesthetic, too: keeping a high profile but without ostentation — the right kind of Parisian chic. Finally, they draw on the same heritage: architectural for one, couture for the other, Art Deco for both. From these shared qualities, Cheval Blanc Paris and Patou have created an enlightened modernity with the iconic parquet-de-glace pattern and a palette of subtle, neutral tones as common threads.


Guillaume Henry, Patou’s Artistic Director, has added timeless values to the uniforms worn at Cheval Blanc Paris. Style rather than fashion, joy rather than artifice. A veritable uniform-à-porter for a diversity of silhouettes: from the lobby to the terrace, from the reception to the restaurants, each post has its own distinctive pieces. High-quality materials — matte wool, cotton piqué, poplin, Georgette crepe — and linings that are as appealing as the outer surfaces, details and construction perfectly aligned with Patou’s demanding standards.


Graphic purity, Art Deco accents and contemporary well-being are hallmarks of the collection. Gold buttons in the parquet-de-glace pattern and the elegant Cheval Blanc Paris crest are among the highlights that punctuate the spirited look. Defining traits: the finishes and attention to details — musketeer cuffs, inlaid or slightly cowled collars, lapels, embroidered pockets, puffed sleeves, a touch of satin, a note of mother-of-pearl — affirm themselves in all their personality.

“ This line for Cheval Blanc combines Parisian elegance to a sporty appeal with an Art Deco aesthetic. It also refers to the heritage and savoir-faire made in France! ”