Worldwide leader in travel retail, Travelport, today announced that the award-winning travel and event management company, TAG, has upgraded to Travelport+. Travelport+ is an extensive, next-generation platform that creates a simplified, capability-rich, marketplace for travel retailing and is the centerpiece of Travelport’s new global strategy, designed to accelerate industry innovation in multi-source content, better travel retailing and delivering the best value.

TAG (formerly known as The Appointment Group) is a high-end, service-driven travel management company specializing in corporate, touring, events, private travel and film and media. TAG, which has been a Travelport customer since 2015, eagerly accepted the opportunity to work directly with Travelport as an early adopter of Travelport+, upgrading its US operations with a move to the Travelport+ platform, enabling its global operations to benefit from both existing and coming capabilities of Travelport+.

“Upgrading to Travelport+ and having all of our agents on one extensive, next-generation platform is a welcome change for us at TAG. Our US operations have continuously grown and with so many potential disruptions to our business, it’s reassuring that Travelport+ empowers all of our agents to continuously deliver personalized ‘white glove’ service to meet our travelers’ unique needs,” said Gabrielle Carr, Chief Operating Officer at TAG. “As we continue acquiring global talent, the simplicity of Travelport+ will be increasingly valuable for training, so that all our agents can quickly and easily manage a significant number of bookings, exchanges and itinerary changes at any point in time.”

TAG’s upgrade to Travelport+ provides its global agent team with access to an increasingly broad array of travel content and better retailing and merchandising capabilities, creating more efficient workflows. Travelport+ will enable TAG to more tightly control its cost-to-serve while enhancing its value generation through a series of best-in-class performance and automation tools.

“TAG has been an incredible partner to work with on this upgrade journey to Travelport+ and we’re excited to highlight TAG’s experience,” said Jason Toothman, Global Head of Agency Sales at Travelport. “We’re so proud of the work we’ve accomplished with TAG to identify and improve pain points, enhance capabilities and ensure we’re providing value in every possible way. We’re looking forward to delivering more value to TAG and all of our customers as we support business growth by simplifying travel retail for all parts of our industry.”