Located east of Page, Antelope Canyon is a narrow slot canyon that was formed by the continuous erosion of water through sandstone rock.

Famous for its undulating, wave-like shapes, the rocks, and canyon walls offer a magical visual experience as the small portions of the canyon only allow very little sunlight in, creating specter-like beams of light. The light beams are best visible between 9 am and 1 pm while the sun traverses the sky directly overhead.

There are two main sections of the Canyon, Lower and the Upper Antelope. Upper Antelope Canyon is at ground level and is easier to access while the Lower Canyon requires more strenuous hiking as well as climbing some metal stairways.

Antelope Canyon is located on tribal Navajo land and is only accessible via a guided tour which you can book in Page or online before your travel date. An extremely popular — and worthwhile — attraction, book your tour as early as you can as they limit the number of visitors in the canyons at any given time.