A three-day trip requires more preparation than a one-day journey when you can come back home at the end of the day. This time, you have to spend at least 2 nights outside. So, you have to take all the things you usually take with you for a 1-day trip but more. Besides, you have to pack more clothes and a tent. Don’t forget about the best backpacking cookware, as you will need to cook during your trip.

9 Things You Have to Include

Regardless of the distance and duration of your trip, you have to take some necessary things at first. Pack everything in a reliable backpack that is waterproof. Make sure you take the items you can carry on your shoulders during all these days.

1. Navigation

It is easy to get lost not only in the forest or mountains but any place you explore for the first time. Even if you know the terrain well, it can lead you the wrong way with heavy rain, snow, or fog. This is why it is important to carry:

  • A map that is waterproof;
  • A compass;
  • A GPS navigator in your phone or watch.

2. Sunscreen

No matter where you go, you have to make sure that your skin is protected from the sun rays. These measures will be helpful:

  • Sunscreen lotion;
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes;
  • Chapstick for lips;
  • Shirt with long sleeves;
  • Hat to cover your head from the sun;
  • Long pants to avoid sunburn.

3. Proper clothes

You may need to change your clothes during the hike. The higher you go in the mountains, the colder it gets. Besides, you can’t receive a 100-percent guarantee from any weather forecast that there will be no rain during these days. While you have to wear long socks, a short sleeve top, long hiking pants, and a cap, there are other things you have to keep in the backpack:

  • A raincoat, even if your backpack is waterproof;
  • A pair of socks;
  • A sweater in case you get cold during the night. It must be lightweight and warm;
  • Make sure your sleeping bag corresponds to the demands of the climate you are hiking in;
  • You can also pack a beanie hat made of fleece and gloves if you hike in the mountains or territories with cold temperatures;
  • A waterproof mantle for a backpack if it does not have its own.

4. Illumination

There are no street lights in the mountains or forests. Usually, even a popular hiking trail does not have any lights as well. All you have is the stars above you. Yet, on a cloudy day, you can’t rely on them. You have to take a headlamp or flashlight and carry it somewhere near you. If your gadget works from batteries, keep extra ones in your backpack, just in case.

5. First aid kit

No matter whether you consider your trip completely safe, small occasions may happen. For example, you can have calluses or blisters after a day of walking. You may get burned by the fire or cut yourself while opening something. There also are ticks in the forest. Besides, you can easily have problems with digestion by trying the new food on your plate. Therefore, you will require:

  • Benadryl small packets;
  • Ibuprofen;
  • Imodium;
  • Gauze bandages;
  • Band-aids;
  • A small bottle of Purell;
  • Tick key;
  • Tablets of chlorine dioxide in case you need to clear the water;
  • Safety pins;
  • Zinc oxide small tube;
  • Liquid soap or alcohol for hygiene.

6. Starting the fire

On your 3-day trip, you will have to make a fire to cook the food and warm yourself. So, you will need the wooden matches box wrapped in some water-proofed coating, and a butane lighter. If you travel in the rain, you may also need cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly. This way, you will light even damp wood easier.

7. Swiss army knife

A Swiss army knife usually includes several tools in it. If you take a small version, it may have scissors, a blade, a screwdriver, a keyring, tweezers, a toothpick, and a nail file. You may need it even to fix the tent or cut the tree branch to mark the route. It can be helpful for you in numerous situations, so don’t forget to place this device in the pocket or backpack. You may also take duct tape of 10 ft.

8. Water

The first thing you need on any hiking trip is enough water. You may take a water filter or the Steripen with you. Carry not one, but 2 bottles. It is also recommended to mark the places where you can refill your water supplies on the map.

9. Food

Make sure you have enough space in your backpack for food. You need to have at least 1.5 pounds of food for 1 day. If you go hiking somewhere near the wild animals, use the bear bag for your food. A camping stove must be lightweight and powerful enough to warm the food in less than an hour.

The Art of Packing

Here are all the items you may need in your journey. However, each situation is unique. Based on the territory you want to explore and your health condition, you can change the goods you wish to carry. Think about all the issues that might appear during the trip. You can also read the reviews of the hikers who have gone through the same trail to make sure you have all the essential items. If you are going on a 3-day hike for the first time, it is recommended to ask more experienced hikers to accompany you during this adventure.