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Due to the rampant COVID-19 epidemic, Life In Motion (LIM) is committed to educating the general public to identify safe and compliant UV-C LED sanitizing products for the prevention and control of COVID-19. LIM has initiated a preliminary research with HKBU R&D Licensing Ltd in late Sep 2020 for investigating how their Honey Pro UV-C LED sanitizer series can work against SARS-CoV-2 and VSV-G (Vesicular Stomatitis Virus) infections using a pseudovirus model. The preliminary data report was released on 27 Sep 2020, where the products were found to inhibit the pseudoviruses SARS-CoV-2 or VSV-G infection up to 99.9% at 2 cm distance and 1 min exposure of UV-C.

LIM’s products have been accredited by different international certification authorities and have reached a gold standard for disinfection efficiency. All products are proven to be effective in killing viruses, germs and even hard-to-kill spores such as Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Glycoprotein, H1N1 virus, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebisella pneumonia up to 99.9%.

LIM understands that people are seeking for something more than just disinfecting with only alcohol, or bleach, therefore, they quickly came up with a new generation of products – Honey Pro and Honey Case, with the aim to provide better and more convenient sanitizing products for the public. All LIM products come with a built-in tilt sensor and smart motion sensor, the product will automatically switch on to a warm white LED light when the device is faced upwards or movement is detected, and then switches over to UV-C LED sanitizing mode after 15 seconds when no movement is detected and remain on for a period of 2 minutes only, to protect the human skin and eyes from prolonged exposure to UV-C.

LIM believes that a disinfecting product can be functional yet fashionable, while also being practical and convenient for people of all ages for any occasion, from sanitising a pair of glasses to children’s toys or office telephones.

The company’s signature product is a reflection of this vision – Honey Pro is designed with 4 different eye-catching and chic colours, making it unique compared to other products in the market; and with the latest product, Honey Case, the case design is suitable for disinfecting different types of daily personal items from personal accessories to makeup tools, while its cover offers a handheld mode that allows people to disinfect any surface such as laptop screens, keyboards, and mobile phones.

“With hygiene and health being everyone’s top priority with the hit of COVID-19, we are constantly looking for ways to combine cutting-edge technology with modern designs, to create innovative quality products that help make staying healthy easy and convenient,” Jacky Yim, Founder and CEO of Life in Motion says, “I hope that with our team, we are pushing for technological advances to improve on products that will have social impact, not only serving the people of Hong Kong, but also on a global scale.”

LIM’s R&D department focuses on long-term research, which includes quality improvement, operational efficiency, analysis of every stage of production, and new and existing technologies, with the objective to bring LIM’s next generation of innovations to the market applying science and technology. LIM’s UV-C LED products can easily be found across popular retail distribution channels like Sogo, Yata, Fortress, SaSa, Pricerite, YOHO and so on, in addition to LIM’s & Shopee Singapore’s online stores.

LIM has continued to partner with HKBU R&D Licensing Ltd. to carry out the Research Project commencing on 1 November 2020. The research project is led by Dr. Allen Cheung Ka Loon, Assistant Professor of Department of Biology at Hong Kong Baptist University (focused on Virology and Immunology research). LIM intends to commit a longer-term study with HKBU R&D Licensing Ltd on the efficacies of LIM’s UV-C products against a broad range of pathogens; more significant tests will be performed.