We do expect to have our usual stable offers for future travel. We have already been advised by Silversea that we will have more industry offers post covid-19. Also TIC continues to instigate new offers with new suppliers for our members. We continue to offer you industry rates for your future planning.  However we would like your feedback on what you are looking to do in the future (near and longer term). Please email us back with your interest:

Destination; type of holiday; time frame; preferred supplier etc. Whatever information you send us will currently help us in planning ahead for you.

Current Silversea  Cruise Offers

Silversea Cruises – a few whilst we wait for more.

6 star luxury – incredible industry rates.
Sydney / Freemantle 31 Oct 21 nights from $13140 TIC $6600
Fremantle / Bali 21 Nov 12 nights from $6840, yours $3900
Bali / Sydney 03 Dec 17 nights from $8190, for you $5400
Hong Kong / Sydney 10 Oct 21 nights from $13680, TIC $6600
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