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Let’s say Fakaalofa lahi atu again soon” is the heartfelt wish central to a marketing campaign launched by Niue Tourism this week. The campaign running over Niue Tourism’s digital and social media channels has been created to let visitors know that Niue is missing them too.

The ads which feature smiling Niuean faces and the iconic natural beauty of the island will be featured on Niue Tourism’s social media accounts, the Niueisland.com website and e-newsletters.

Niue Tourism’s Chief Executive says, “While travel around the Pacific Region is still a way off it’s important for Niue to tell our Kiwi and Aussie neighbours know that we all miss each other and we want to connect again.”

This is a message the Niue Tourism team also wishes to extend to the region’s travel industry. The CEO says, “This is an incredibly difficult time for the Pacific tourism and travel industry and we acknowledge the challenges and hardships being faced by many. However, we look forward to happier times when the Niue Tourism team can reconnect with our valued partners and welcome visitors to the island once again.”

Niue is fortunate to currently have no confirmed cases of Covid-19. The island is isolated yet easily accessible and linked to the rest of the world with flights departing only from Auckland, New Zealand.