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After developing walks in every Australian state and territory, Life’s An Adventure is using the same successful combination of secret herbs and spices to develop guided walks on Europe’s iconic Camino paths.

There are dozens of Camino routes criss-crossing Europe and three key countries are France, Spain and Portugal.

Life’s An Adventure has chosen the most popular Camino routes in these three countries, offering routes from 5 days – and if clients wish to combine 2 or 3 walks – up to 18 days.

The routes have been designed specifically for Australians, allowing them to maximise their time to experience the best parts of each walk.

Every tour includes two guides, offering clients the chance to vary the walk depending on their ability, the terrain and the weather on the day.

Accommodation on the Camino can be sub-standard at the best of times. Pilgrims share busy dorms with other walkers and while this can be a lovely experience and a way to make friends not everyone wants to contend with snorers, creaky old beds and communal bathrooms.

But not with Life’s An Adventure! Their guides have walked the Camino routes and, in each region, handpicked the best accommodation available, including historical buildings, which were once monasteries, now renovated as grand hotels.

Meals on these Camino walks feature fresh local produce and wines from each region. After all, the culinary experience should be as important as the walking! And as the saying goes: “Good wine revives the pilgrim”!

“The Camino should be celebrated, not endured,” says Life’s An Adventure director Mark Norek. “For Australians they will probably never do the walk ever again as there are so many amazing walks in the world to experience. So why not do it in style! Save time and just walk the highlights and savour the memories for a lifetime.”


  • 8-day Camino de Santiago walk from Sarria to Santiago, Spain
  • 12-day Camino de Santiago walk from the French Pyrenees to Santiago
  • 8-day French Camino from Le Puy to the Pyrenees
  • 18-day highlights of the Camino Le Puy France to Santiago in Spain
  • 5-day highlights of the Camino walk from the French Pyrenees to Sarria
  • 8 days on the Portuguese Way

For all info of Life’s An Adventure visit www.lifesanadventure.com.au or email walks@lifesanadventure.com.au