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The Copitas team of Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru showcases a first-ever preview of their cocktails in Mumbai during the festive season. Ahead of the momentous opening of this chic destination bar in Bengaluru, this very special takeover will be a preview of this stylish new addition to Garden City’s nightlife.

From their base at one of Mumbai’s most celebrated bars, AER located atop Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, the core team of five from Copitas will showcase their prized cocktails as a never-seen-before, must-try experience. This special preview at AER will take place every evening between the October 28 and November 3, 2019.

Copitas is the soon-to-be-unveiled, atmospheric bar at Level 21 at the newest luxury hotel in Bengaluru. Slated to become an address for those who wish to be seen unwinding in style, this high energy address will serve cocktails with a Bengaluru flair.

“We’re delighted to have team Copitas join us at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai and are stoked that they will be showcasing their signature cocktails at AER for the first time ever, ahead of the bar’s opening in the Garden City. Through this week-long showcase of our craftsmen behind the bar from both our hotels in India, our guests can look forward to enjoying handcrafted cocktails that are rooted in innovation and traditionalism; all the while, playing up local ingredients and influences from Mumbai and Bengaluru,” says Ashwin Mathur, Hotel Manager, Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai.

The Copitas takeover of AER will also be the stage for a playful combat of the two Bacardi Legacy Champions – Abhishek Shevade from South and Harish Subramanian from West, both cherished Four Seasons craftsmen.

Hardik Shah, Director of Food & Beverage, Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru says, “A fabulous debut of the much-awaited Copitas at my previous home base! Where better than the rooftop AER, a well-loved destination glittering on Mumbai’s nightlife circuit. We hope that it will serve as a fantastic teaser of the glorious spectacle that we are soon going to unveil in the Garden City. We look forward to welcoming you all to Bengaluru soon.”

The two award winning Bacardi Legacy Cocktails by Harish (Winner, Western region) and Abhishek (Winner, South region):

Turtuk: Turtuk is the last Indian outpost before Pakistan. A land marked by the jaw dropping beauty of a complex terrain – bountiful apricot trees, free-flowing rivers, stoic mountains, deserts and plains. A land as beautiful as its people, resilient in their beauty and strength, having lived to overcome the ravages of partition. This cocktail is a tribute to the unflinching spirit of mankind. Ingredients are a melange of fragrant apricot brandy reminiscent of the apricots of Turtuk, Antica Formula, Bacardi Oro, Angostura Bitters and a flourish of rice wine vinegar. Harish Subramanian, winner of Bacardi Legacy Championship from the Western region doffs his hat to the beauty and strength of the people in Turtuk.
Utsavaa: Utsavaa is a tribute to the festive spirit, and to the committed bartending fraternity. During festive celebrations, when there is joyous laughter on the floor and the clink of glasses, there’s never a moment to wind down for the spirited bar teams shaking it up, tirelessly, all along, with their winning smiles and steadfast vitality. A tantalising medley of pineapple cordial, homemade vanilla syrup, Bacardi Carta Oro and prosecco got bartending wizard Abhishek Shevade the winning title at the Bacardi Legacy Championship from South India.
Highlights from the Copitas Menu

Though a range of cocktails will be the crowd pleasers at Copitas, the Gin & Tonics deserve a special mention. Ambitiously, without the frill of a fancy name, these G&Ts will be the star attractions.

G&T No. 1, the traditional English gin with locally-sourced thyme and fragrant star anise and the tropical Copa
G&T No. 2 with coconut water and pineapple syrup, both being showcased at AER
Masala Dosa, tequila, rasam, chilly, Kerala podi, lime, simple syrup; crafted from hearty homemade rasam, the flavours of South India shine through in this zesty cocktail
Root Blush, vodka, raspberry, pomegranate, fresh beetroot, vanilla syrup and lemon juice make for a blushing libation that is a definitive winner
Namaskara, tender coconut aged rum with papaya and pineapple juice, coconut puree, pinch of salt and served in a tall glass draped in a saree – elegance, the desi way!
AER this season has launched a new menu featuring Clarity, AER’s modern take on the classic Bloody Mary, made with vodka, clarified tomato and basil, lime, salt, ajwain, and basil tincture, garnished with an ajwain leaf; The Lucky Nut, paying homage to the humble coconut and its multipurpose uses in an Indian household, infused with coconut fat wash whiskey, passion fruit, pineapple juice and bitters; All that Bitters, a biting combination of kasoori methi-infused gin and lime juice; Sassy Peach, inspired by a Whiskey Sour, featuring a mix of lacto-fermented peach puree, Scotch whiskey and lime; and Pickle Me Up, house-pickled gherkins, turmeric syrup, tequila and lime. Accompanying this eclectic roster of cocktails are AER’s classic cocktails with a twist such as the B-Fashioned, Singleton of Glendullan with salted banana and bitters; and Passionista, sparkling wine, Hennessey VS, passion fruit and pineapple gum; as well as a selection of gourmet small bites to keep evenings in high gear.

Arrive on the rooftop by sundown to watch a brilliant sunset, and then stay for an evening of cool cocktails, gourmet Asian small bites and mouth-watering tapas.