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It’s that time of the year again where Airlie Beach comes alive – the Great Barrier Reef Festival is putting on a show yet again, and with the new festival name comes plenty of new and exciting events!

This year, Coral Sea Marina Resort are proud sponsors of the Great Barrier Reef Festival and they are joining forces with the festival team to put on some fantastic events for the community to enjoy. With an ongoing commitment to both the community and the environment, Coral Sea Marina Resort hopes these new events will shine a light on the Great Barrier Reef and celebrate the natural wonder located right on our doorstep.

On Thursday 1 August, two environmental workshops will be hosted at the marina, designed to encourage participation in reef conservation and increase knowledge as to what individuals can do to help protect and preserve the reef.

The morning session is aimed specifically for children. Kids can learn more about the new ‘Junior Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef’ program and will be treated to a presentation from Eco Barge Clean Seas. The adults’ workshop will follow in the afternoon and both workshops will have presentations from the region’s Master Reef Guides as well as representatives from Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef.

These engaging workshops designed to enthuse and educate, mark the commencement of an ongoing environmental education program the Coral Sea Marina Resort are looking to implement for the local community and visitors to the region.

Great Barrier Reef Festival Chairwoman, Margie Murphy, said these new workshops and events are the perfect fit for the Great Barrier Reef Festival.

“The underlying theme of this year’s festival is to connect the reef and the shore, and increase an awareness and an appreciation of the reef itself,” she said. “We are excited to have the chance to showcase the many positive ways in which we can protect this national treasure”.

Friday 2 August, the Great Barrier Reef festival will draw crowds to the newly revamped Airlie Beach foreshore for the fireworks and festivities. Before heading down to the foreshore, visitors are encouraged to get creative and enjoy a stroll along the scenic boardwalk from the marina by taking part in the inaugural Coral Sea Marina Resort Lantern Parade?

This is a brand-new event to the Great Barrier Reef Festival designed to light up the night! The parade itself will commence at 6pm and anyone can join the trail of lights from the marina to the newly refurbished Airlie Beach foreshore for the fireworks and festivities.

Coral Sea Marina Resort General Manager, Kate Purdie, says that the Great Barrier Reef Festival is a key event, drawing visitors and locals to the region and that the newly branded marina resort is proud to support such a significant highlight in the Whitsundays calendar.

“The Great Barrier Reef Festival is a key destination event and is a great opportunity to showcase our region and drive visitors to enjoy what the Whitsundays has to offer”, she said.

When discussing the upcoming events hosted at the marina resort, she said “we hope to provide an opportunity for families and friends to not only have fun and enjoy the resort village, but also to shine a light on the fact that the reef is worth preserving. Environment and tourism go hand in hand in our region and the people of the Whitsundays are working hard together to promote a positive message.”

Coral Sea Marina Resort’s environmental initiatives have progressed and developed through the years, including holding a Clean Marina Level III certification, holding a Fish Friendly Marina status, and committing to both The Last Straw campaign and the MIA Plastics Pledge, eliminating single use plastics from within the entire marina resort precinct.

More recently, there are new environmental pursuits on the horizon, including a Containers for Change initiative in support of Eco Barge Clean Seas, and steps are being made towards gaining an Eco Tourism Accreditation for the hotel.

The recent sponsorship and involvement in the Great Barrier Reef Festival has provided another way to increase knowledge and awareness, as well as an appreciation and celebration of our incredible region and the natural beauty that all are committed to preserving.