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Akan Adventure Tourism is pleased to announce the opening of a new outdoor multimedia experience: “KAMUY LUMINA, an Enchanted Night Walk at Lake Akan” created by Moment Factory, a world leading multimedia entertainment company based in Montreal, Canada. Opening July 5, KAMUY LUMINA will offer visitors to Japan’s northernmost prefecture an immersive experience combining the rich natural beauty of the area with the culture of Hokkaido’s indigenous people, the Ainu.

This highly anticipated digital art experience is inspired by the Ainu legend “Konkuwa,” which has been passed down in the form of a song said to have been sung by the Owl God. The Ainu consider the owl a nocturnal protector that wakes at night to watch over villages from the trees. Kamuy Lumina, a collaboration between Moment Factory and the people of Lake Akan, is designed to introduce visitors of all ages and nationalities to the Ainu philosophy of respect for and coexistence with nature in an unforgettable hands-on experience.

Click here to watch the official teaser trailer for Kamuy Lumina:



Kamuy Lumina uses projection mapping, scenography, and other cutting-edge digital technology to bring animals such as birds and deer to life within the woods, and special effects and interactive features showcase the unique geography and sights of Lake Akan. The guests themselves play a leading role in the story, walking through the twilight woods as the immersive narrative draws them in.

Kamuy Lumina is the tenth and latest project in the Lumina Night Walk series created by Moment Factory. Each Lumina Night Walk is a unique interactive multimedia experience inspired by the local culture and natural beauty of its host region. Kamuy Lumina is especially unique in that it will be the first experience in the Lumina Night Walk series staged in a national park.

The island of Hokkaido is located hundreds of miles north of Tokyo, and boasts natural and cultural riches not found anywhere else in Japan. Lake Akan is located in the western region of Hokkaido’s Akan-Mashu National Park, renowned for its pristine caldera lakes, ancient forests and hot springs. Kamuy Lumina turns the woods around the lake into an otherworldly realm. Lights, soundscape, video content, and interactive features create an entirely new kind of outdoor digital art experience combining natural beauty with Ainu legend

In partnership with the Ministry of the Environment, the Forestry Agency and the Maeda Ippoen Foundation, the environmental impact assessments for the project have been conducted to ensure that no harm was done to the national park. Part of the proceeds from the attraction will be used for environmental preservation activities around Lake Akan as well as Ainu cultural revitalization efforts.

The Ainu, indigenous people in Hokkaido with their own language and customs, have a long storytelling tradition and a philosophy of harmonious coexistence with nature. The Ainu believe that “Kamuy” (divine spirits or gods) can be found in their surroundings, manifesting animals, plants, fire, water, and wind. It is hoped that this new type of immersive experience will pave the way for an increased awareness of the importance of nature in line with the philosophy of the Ainu.

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