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10 Interior Design Trends That You Need To Incorporate In Your Home This Year

April 23, 2020 Lifestyle News No Comments
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Home is where you live for most of your life, and it is considered to be your safe haven. So, when you have to spend somewhere most of your time, you have to make it as cosy and homey as possible. You have to add your sense of style to your surroundings so that you act and feel accordingly. If your surroundings are pleasant, you tend to feel better as well. However, the interior of your home also plays a major part in doing so. You need to adjust the interior of your home according to your personality so that you feel comfortable. However, if you feel confused about choosing what interior defines you or what will look better, you can always take help from the ongoing trends.

In the recent past, we have seen a high number of trends. While some of them were very short-lived, others stayed for good. If you are looking to redecorate your house or planning the interior of your new home, then here are some trends that you need to know.

Go White Or Go Home

When it comes to interior designing trends, there are a lot of colors that come and go with time. But there is one that has stayed for good, and that is white. Having an all-white room in your house is merely going to add an element of grace and style that is unmatched by any other color or pattern. But remember to add accents of a darker or subtle shade to make the white pop more.

Back To Modern Days

Modern looks are sleek and stylish. Such a look in your living room would be perfect, where it would speak volumes to your guest on its own. There are minimal elements that can make the most considerable difference. For example, choosing sleek chairs over wooden ones, or the blinds Sydney has to offer. A little thought goes a long way.

Floral Patterns:

There was a time when funky and vibrant patterns on the wall were a huge no for interior designers. But that is no longer the case. Times have changed, and with this change, we have seen a rise in floral patterns all over the wall. The trend is not just any floral pattern. Choose light and vibrant colors that add a refreshing element to the room.

Brass Decor:

Stainless steel and chrome fittings were suitable while they lasted, but it is now time to move on. Brass fittings in washrooms are the new trend. It is not a new trend, but an old one that has been revived by the trendsetters. The thing about brass is that it is not only a warmer shade but also provides a deeper accent. These changes add a very elegant look to your interior.

Say Yes To Pinterest:

No, we’re not telling you to go on Pinterest and become a fan of the site. The trend is to get a Pinterest wall at your place. It is a wall that is dedicated to a number of aesthetic elements. These elements could be anything that sparks a light of interest for you. From photo frames for small open shelves, decorate it the way you want and let is reflect your personality.

Zebra Prints:

Natural prints will simply never fade away. But one of these has recently seen a high rise in interior design, and that is zebra print. Zebra prints provide the perfect combination of black and white that adds a neutral effect to the room. It’s a perfect addition that can be made into any theme of furniture.

Dare To Go Red:

Neutral color palettes are perfect for those that are trying to play safe with the color themes of the room. But if you like to live on the bold side of life, then you know neutral won’t be good enough for you. And for all such users, we suggest red. Red is the ultimate statement of bold. The color has a persona itself and can reflect your taste to a great extent.

Bucket Sinks All The Way:

Bucket sinks may be big and bulky, but that’s the trend. Sure, they will provide the perfect luxurious look for your bathroom, but that’s not where their job ends. The bucket design will ensure to keep the water contained and help you avoid excessive splashing.

Chic Is Never Extra:

For all those people that can never settle with the basics, chic interior themes are the best. These themes not only add more vibrancy and color to the room but also work to reflect your personality in every corner of the space.

Canopy Beds:

Canopy beds may be perfect for all those that fantasize about a movie-like interior. But even for those who don’t, these beds make the perfect addition in any sober designed room. Just one thing you need to make sure is that the room is big enough to leave space, so it doesn’t look too cramped up.


The trends will always keep changing. You can’t change the interior of your home every time a new trend comes around. Trends come and go, but your style and preference will always be constant. And the interior of your house should be more about your style, than the ongoing trend.

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