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Sydney is set to experience a new opulence of luxury dining when Allta, a degustation restaurant, opens on July 10th. Promising a culinary journey like no other, Allta will present guests with an intimate affair where they will be treated to an exclusive showcase of Korean cuisine steeped in tradition and inclusive of modernity.
Allta will offer a selective 15-course menu, with each dish meticulously prepared and hand-delivered by Executive Chef Jung-Su Chang. Part of the Firestone group, founded by Jangho So and Sunyoung Kim, this venture aims to elevate Korean cuisine in Sydney and provide a unique dining experience. Diners can look forward to innovative dishes such as the Tuna Bite with cured tuna, grilled vegetables, and nori, or the Beef Tartare, featuring crispy taro, barley Doen-jang, and kimchi. Other highlights include the Sweet Prawn, enhanced by perilla oil, cured yolk, and capsicum, and for dessert, the Makgeolli & Rice, a delightful combination of makgeolli sorbet, rice granita, and pear.
Jung-Su Chang says, “Allta is more than a restaurant; it’s a celebration of Korean cuisine and culture. With every dish, we aim to recreate the essence of love and truth that defines Korean cooking, delivering a deeply personal moment for our guests. Each bite tells a story—a narrative of tradition and innovation, a homage to the rich tapestry of flavours that have shaped Korean cuisine.”
Allta’s ambiance follows a minimalist aesthetic punctuated by accents. Monochromatic hues and juxtaposed textures create an atmosphere of understated elegance, while ambient lighting casts a captivating glow across the restaurant.
Allta’s culinary journey is also complemented by a team of distinguished craftsmen, including mixologist Joshua Hallissy and head sommelier Sebastian Brogren. With accolades spanning prestigious and renowned venues, Sebastian and Joshua bring innovation and precision to their creations. Together, they elevate Allta’s dining scene, ensuring every sip and pour reflects the restaurant and menus commitment to excellence.
Allta is located at 50 Pitt St, Sydney, NSW 2000. Open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday from 6-10 pm, the 15-course, including snacks, starts at 6:30 for 12 people per night, priced at $325 per head. Funda, Allta’s sister restaurant, is located at 50 Pitt St, Sydney, and is led by Executive Chef Jung-su. For more information, visit www.alltasydney.com.au and follow @alltasydney on Instagram