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ILTM ASIA PACIFIC LOGOThe International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) Asia Pacific 2024, held from July 1-4, marked a significant milestone in the luxury travel sector. It attracted 650 elite travel advisors representing affluent travellers from 30 countries, spanning Australia to Japan, New Zealand to Vietnam, and China to Malaysia. This grand event underscored the burgeoning influence of the Asia Pacific region, poised to lead global growth in 2024.

Setting the Stage for Growth

ILTM APAC 2024 Silversea Stand Show Floor.

ILTM APAC 2024 Silversea Stand Show Floor.

Opening the event, the Economist Intelligence Corporate Network delivered a compelling global outlook, projecting that Asia would contribute 60% of global GDP growth in 2024, exceeding pre-pandemic levels. This forecast solidified the region’s status as a critical growth hub, with Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia identified as top markets for Ultra High Net Worth individuals.

ILTM, in collaboration with FINN Partners, unveiled research highlighting a pivotal trend: the dominance of China’s female travellers in shaping the future of luxury travel. Women in China are responsible for 70-80% of travel decisions, with nearly 60% of Chinese tourists being female, indicating a seismic shift in gender dynamics within the world’s largest source market.

Unparalleled Networking and Business Opportunities

The event facilitated over 650 meticulously matched meetings between luxury travel providers and advisors, fostering valuable connections and business opportunities. Sue Basedow from MTA Travel in Australia praised the event: “In my 40 years in the travel industry, ILTM stands out as the premier luxury travel event. The connections made here are invaluable, fueling my passion and creativity in crafting unique itineraries for my clients.”

ILTM APAC 2024 Show Floor.

Voices from the Industry

Bobby Peng of Hovering Travel in China echoed this sentiment: “ILTM Asia Pacific is an incredibly efficient platform for business. The quality of appointments is outstanding, and the insights gained will significantly benefit my clients.”

Kenneth Cai from Singapore’s beCuriou shared his experience, “My first ILTM has been a revelation, uncovering hidden gems and providing an excellent networking experience. I am already looking forward to next year.”

Kottanop Sibaphirunthep of Various Tour & Travel in Thailand highlighted the event’s meticulous planning, noting, “Our clients seek unique, high-end experiences. The range of luxury products here has exceeded my expectations, making my first ILTM experience unforgettable.”

David Brandon from Savenio in Australia added, “ILTM offers unparalleled opportunities to connect with industry leaders worldwide. The inclusion of more European exhibitors this year was notable, and the level of detail in the event reflected the essence of luxury.”

Exhibitors’ Enthusiastic Participation

ILTM APAC 2024 Show Floor.

ILTM APAC 2024 Show Floor.

Exhibitors seized the opportunity to engage with high-net-worth APAC travellers. Pascal Visintainer of ACCOR Luxury & Lifestyle remarked, “ILTM Asia Pacific is back with a vengeance, reflecting immense demand for luxury travel. Our long-term partnership with ILTM benefits ACCOR’s global luxury portfolio.”

Julie Rogers of PONANT Expeditions has attended every ILTM Asia Pacific, witnessing the evolution of high-end agents. “Each year, the quality of agents improves. They are impeccably selected, perfectly matching our brand.”

Kylie Stever of Baillie Lodges, attending for the first time, expressed her delight, “Meeting such high-quality agents who are well-prepared and eager to do business has been a highlight.”

Jen Pagett of Uniworld Boutique River Cruises concluded, “Being the most requested independent exhibitor by luxury travel buyers here at ILTM Asia Pacific is a testament to the demand for boutique travel. Our meetings have been incredible, and we look forward to next year.”

Looking Ahead

ILTM Asia Pacific 2025 is scheduled for June 30 – July 3 in Singapore. Upcoming ILTM events in 2024 include ILTM North America in the Bahamas from September 23-26 and ILTM Cannes from December 2-5.

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Written by: Yves Thomas