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Flight Centre - Corporate Traveller - logoIn a transformative shift, over half of Australia’s corporate travellers now prioritize flexibility in their flight schedules over the cost of airfare. Data from Flight Centre Travel Group’s premier corporate brands, FCM Travel and Corporate Traveller, underscores a growing trend of business travellers valuing rescheduling options to align with dynamic work demands.

Melissa Elf, Global COO of Flight Centre Corporate, highlighted this significant trend: “Flexibility is crucial for our corporate clients. They are willing to invest in the ability to modify their travel plans as their schedules evolve. Productivity and flexibility in booking are now on par with travel costs. More than half of our bookings are either rebooked or rescheduled, demonstrating the essential role of agility in travel management.”

Elf emphasized the importance of time for business travellers, stating, “For those travelling on business, time is their most valuable asset. Every minute counts, and any time lost translates to financial losses. As corporate travel increases, ensuring flexibility and accessibility in a productive and cost-effective manner is paramount for our clients.”

Rapid technological advancement plays a pivotal role in offering these flexible solutions. Elf added, “With significant investments in our technological infrastructure, we provide real-time access and visibility over individual travel programs. Our apps allow customers to adjust their travel plans on the go, saving them from lengthy waits on customer service lines or at check-in desks.”

Corporate Traveller and FCM Travel’s mobile applications enable users to track flight statuses, check boarding gate information, and receive real-time updates on delays or changes. This technology facilitates seamless adjustments, ensuring business travellers can manage their schedules efficiently without disruptions.

Australia’s corporate travel landscape is dominated by the mining, oil, and gas sectors, accounting for approximately 14% of all travel bookings in the first quarter of this year. Other significant industries include construction (10%), government and not-for-profit (8.5%), services (8%), and finance and insurance (6%).

Elf observed, “Travel remains non-discretionary across our corporate customer base. The continued decrease in airfares, both domestic and international, will sustain strong demand for business travel despite economic pressures.”

Supporting this outlook, the Global Business Travel Association projected a 27% growth in business travel in Australia for 2023. Additionally, their findings indicate that every USD 1 spent on business travel yields a USD 1.45 return in business sales in 2024, underscoring the value and impact of flexible travel solutions.

By leveraging their extensive network, advanced technology, and unmatched expertise, Flight Centre’s corporate brands ensure that clients are well-equipped to handle last-minute changes and unexpected travel disruptions, reinforcing the importance of flexibility in modern business travel.




Written by: Michelle Warner