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Airline Industry Poised for Record-Breaking Year in 2024.In a triumphant return from the depths of its greatest crisis, the airline industry is poised to achieve unprecedented milestones in 2024. With nearly five billion scheduled flights and nearly $1 trillion in revenue, the sector demonstrates remarkable resilience and sets new benchmarks for growth and recovery.

Three years after the pandemic inflicted a catastrophic 60% drop in global passenger numbers and a 70% revenue decline, the airline industry has not just rebounded but is soaring to new heights. Data from AltIndex.com reveals an astounding resurgence, with 400 million more passengers and $158 billion higher revenue compared to 2019.

Unmatched Recovery and Growth

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) confirms that the industry has recovered and is thriving beyond pre-pandemic levels. February 2024 marked a significant milestone when total traffic matched and surpassed 2019 figures, continuing an upward trajectory ever since. By the end of 2024, global passenger numbers are projected to reach almost five billion, illustrating a robust 8.7% increase over 2019.

The Asia-Pacific region leads this resurgence, with a projected 17% year-over-year passenger increase driven predominantly by China and India. Europe is expected to follow with an 11% rise, while the Middle East, Latin America, and North America are anticipated to see growth rates of 9%, 8%, and 7%, respectively.

Revenue Reaches New Peaks

In addition to passenger growth, the airline industry is set to achieve record-breaking revenue figures. IATA’s survey estimates that global airline industry revenue will approach $1 trillion in 2024, representing a substantial $158 billion increase from 2019. This surge is a testament to the industry’s ability to adapt and thrive amidst challenges.

Long-term Projections: A Skyward Trend

Looking ahead, the optimism extends far beyond 2024. IATA projects a 3.8% annual growth rate in global airline passengers over the next two decades, culminating in over four billion new travellers by 2043. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to dominate this growth, with an average annual increase of 5.3%, adding more than 2.7 billion passengers. This growth is attributed to the region’s anticipated 65% GDP increase over the next 20 years, which will see trips per capita nearly triple.

In contrast, the European and North American markets will experience more modest growth, adding approximately 650 million new passengers combined over the same period.


The airline industry’s journey from the pandemic’s depths to its current heights is inspirational. As it continues to break records and set new standards for growth and revenue, the sector exemplifies resilience and adaptability. For detailed statistics and further insights, visit AltIndex.com.




Written by: Michelle Warner