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Compare the Market logoAs the Summer Olympics in Paris approaches, travellers are urged to prioritize securing travel insurance. Compare the Market, a leading travel insurance comparison site emphasizes thoroughly preparing for the unexpected to enjoy the European summer sports spectacle.

Many travellers have already arranged their long-haul flights, sporting event tickets, accommodations, and transportation for the games. However, travel insurance remains a critical item on the pre-flight checklist to mitigate potential risks.

While generally safe, France presents several risks that could disrupt your holiday. Recent headlines have highlighted issues ranging from bed bug infestations to protests and scams. Ensuring your safety and well-being during the trip is paramount.

Adrian Taylor, Executive General Manager for General Insurance and Travel Insurance expert at Compare the Market, underscores the importance of travel insurance for all trips, including significant events like the Olympics.

“With the European summer just around the corner, France is a top destination for many Australians. Whether it’s the Olympics, museums, food, or wine, there’s something for everyone,” Taylor said. “However, visiting cities like Paris, Marseilles, and Bordeaux comes with its own set of dangers. Scams and thieves often target crowded tourist areas, so remain vigilant while enjoying the 100-meter sprint final, the Eiffel Tower, or the Louvre.”

Taylor advises travellers to separate their money and passport and avoid carrying all cash and credit cards in one place. French authorities maintain heightened security around public places and borders, especially following past terrorist attacks, and this is likely to increase during the Olympics.

France’s history of protests and violent demonstrations adds another layer of risk. Even with travel insurance, travellers must avoid these incidents, as insurers do not cover protests-related costs. Staying informed through local media and the Smartraveller website is crucial for preventing such events.

“Safety aside, last year Paris dealt with a significant bed bug infestation, causing many hotels and attractions to close temporarily,” Taylor added. “If a local directive forces you to relocate from your pre-booked accommodation, some policies may cover you up to the specified amount in your policy schedule. However, most travel insurance policies do not cover additional expenses or cancellation costs due to bed bug infestations, potentially leaving you out of pocket if you change hotels, cancel bookings, or need to clean belongings.”

The goal is to prevent holiday disruptions or cancellations due to these risks. Travel insurance offers peace of mind, protecting against unforeseen circumstances and allowing travellers to enjoy their Olympic experience fully. Purchasing coverage as soon as flights, events, and activities are booked can protect if anything happens that prevents the trip from going as planned.

In summary, securing travel insurance is essential for anyone planning to attend the Paris Summer Olympics. It ensures you are prepared for unexpected events, from minor inconveniences to significant disruptions. By taking this precaution, you can focus on enjoying France’s games and vibrant culture, knowing that you have a safety net in place.

For more information and to compare travel insurance policies, visit Compare the Market. The Smartraveller website keeps you updated on travel advisories and safety tips.

Protect your Olympic dream with the right travel insurance, and make the most of your unforgettable journey to Paris.




Written by: Bridget Gomez