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TravelPay Money Card large-scale example.In a bold move to transform the travel finance landscape, leading payment solutions provider TravelPay partnered with Australian fintech innovator Pelikin to introduce TravelPay Money. This cutting-edge, digital-focused alternative to traditional foreign-currency travel cards promises unmatched benefits for Australian travel agents and their clients.

TravelPay Money: A Game-Changer in Travel Finance

TravelPay Money is designed with the modern traveller in mind. It offers the best-in-market 22-currency wallet functionality, effortless and free sign-up, and long-term commission-earning opportunities for travel professionals. The platform is equipped with flexible marketing options, including custom QR codes and web widgets, enabling agents to create personalized customer experiences seamlessly.

Security is a top priority for TravelPay Money, with 3D Secure (3DS) technology providing an extra layer of protection. This ensures peace of mind for both businesses and their clients, allowing them to focus on enjoying their travel experiences without financial worries.

TravelPay Money Card in-app example.

TravelPay Money Card in-app example.

Unmatched Flexibility and Convenience

One of TravelPay Money’s standout features is its ease of use. Travelers can spend money wherever a Visa is accepted and effortlessly switch between multiple currencies with a tap. Loading money is free of charge with no account fees, and customers can withdraw cash from ATMs while travelling. Additionally, free peer-to-peer transfers allow families and friends to instantly send funds to each other through the app, enhancing convenience while on the go.

Expert Insights: Industry Leaders Speak

Zenith Payments CEO Peter Egglestone expressed his excitement about the new partnership: “TravelPay Money, powered by Pelikin, sets a new standard of excellence in travel finance solutions. Travel professionals will benefit from the convenience of offering their customers hassle-free access to the latest and best foreign currency cards. The sign-up process is simple, with no setup costs, and includes custom-made QR codes and a web widget for creating branded landing pages, ensuring a seamless and personalized customer experience. Travel professionals will also have the opportunity to earn long-term commissions, ensuring a sustainable revenue stream.”

Egglestone continued, “This strategic partnership with Pelikin aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering innovative financial solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the travel industry. We are excited that TravelPay Money is now the fourth product offering in the TravelPay suite of products behind TravelPay, TravelPay B2B, and TravelPay Later.”

Pelikin Founder and CEO Sam Brown echoed these sentiments, highlighting the alignment of both companies’ missions. “At Pelikin, our mission has always been to empower travelers with seamless, digital-first financial solutions that enhance their travel experiences. We are proud to partner with TravelPay to introduce TravelPay Money to the market.”

Brown explained the benefits: “The exciting benefits include convenience, best-in-market 22-currency wallet functionality, no setup costs, and long-term commission-earning potential. Flexible marketing options, both online and in-store, enable travel professionals to promote TravelPay Money to their customers effectively. Additionally, travel professionals will have access to regular tracking and reporting and an excellent support team ensuring top-notch assistance at all times.”

A Vision for the Future

Together, TravelPay and Pelikin are committed to revolutionizing the travel finance industry by providing a digital-first solution that is both innovative and practical. TravelPay Money is a testament to their shared vision, offering travellers and travel professionals a robust and flexible alternative to traditional travel cards.

For more information on TravelPay Money, visit travelpay.com.au/travelpaymoney.

With this powerful partnership, TravelPay Money is poised to become a cornerstone of modern travel finance, offering unparalleled convenience and security for travellers and professionals.




Written by: Michelle Warner