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Expansion of Dubai MallIn a groundbreaking announcement, Emaar Properties revealed an ambitious AED 1.5 billion investment to expand Dubai Mall, the world’s most visited retail destination. The expansion will introduce 240 new luxury retail stores and dining establishments, setting the stage for an even more extraordinary shopping and leisure experience.

Mohamed Alabbar, Founder and Chairman of Emaar Properties, shared his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “The new Dubai Mall expansion is a significant milestone for us. We extend our deepest gratitude to our valued guests, loyal customers, partners, retailers, and government authorities for their unwavering support. This expansion mirrors Dubai’s relentless drive to be at the cutting edge of global innovation and culture, cementing our city’s status as a premier global destination.”

The monumental enhancement of Dubai Mall is poised to elevate the mall’s status further, attracting even more visitors from around the globe. In 2023, Dubai Mall set a new attendance record with 105 million visitors, a 19% increase from the previous year, reflecting its growing allure and exceptional retail environment.

With the new development, Emaar aims to amplify the mall’s appeal, ensuring it remains an iconic symbol of luxury and innovation. The additional 240 luxury outlets will cater to discerning shoppers and food enthusiasts, offering an unparalleled selection of high-end brands and gourmet dining experiences.

The expansion also underscores Dubai’s strategic vision to remain a global leader in tourism and commerce. Emaar’s investment highlights the city’s commitment to fostering an environment of growth and excellence. The contractor has already commenced mobilization on-site, and the project is set to progress rapidly.

Dubai Mall’s expansion is a physical enhancement and a testament to Emaar’s dedication to delivering world-class experiences. The mall continues to be a hub of innovation, blending traditional retail with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled customer service.

This expansion project is anticipated to significantly boost Dubai’s economy, creating numerous job opportunities and attracting increased foreign investment. As the city continues to evolve, Dubai Mall stands at the forefront, exemplifying the fusion of luxury, culture, and modernity.

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Written by: Michelle Warner