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Delta variant is killing travel in Europe, even with high vaccination rates

When the heavily-inoculated northern hemisphere began to almost miraculously open up to travel in recent months, its citizenry tended to, and still do, view the under-vaxxed and over-cautious Antipodes as the scared little weird guys of the western world, … Continue Reading

Europe leads way as international travel bounces back by 74%!

September 5, 2021 Headline News No Comments

After a difficult pandemic year, tourism is once again on the rise with Europe and the Americas benefitting from the sharpest rise in international visitors in the last six months. … Continue Reading

The key to social distancing on a river cruise

September 3, 2021 River Cruising No Comments

After countless months of having a 6-foot span visually etched into our brains, the idea of an “intimate” river cruise experience with hundreds of other people might seem counterintuitive, … Continue Reading

EU recommends travel restrictions from the U.S. for unvaccinated

September 3, 2021 European News No Comments

EU officials have reinstated their recommendation to restrict nonessential travel from the U.S., just months after 27 EU member states added the U.S. to a safe travel list in mid-June. … Continue Reading

My Cruises to cash in on river cruising

September 2, 2021 Cruise News No Comments

Flight Centre-owned Ignite Travel Group has launched a new My Cruises River Collection, … Continue Reading

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