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Embracing the current trend of wellness and supporting the Macau SAR Government’s strategy for moderate economic diversification, Galaxy Macau™ Integrated Resort (hereinafter “Galaxy Macau”) has launched the Revel in an Oasis of Bliss” campaign. This initiative offers a range of activities designed to enhance physical, mental, and spiritual health. Guests are invited to take a break from their busy routines and immerse themselves in the luxurious urban oasis of Galaxy Macau, finding renewal and discovering their true selves.

The “Galaxy Macau Wellness Day”, sponsored by AIA Vitality, marked the official start of the Revel in an Oasis of Bliss” campaign on June 8 and 9 at Banyan Tree Macau. Industry representatives, media, and guests participated in various wellness activities aimed at healing the body and mind. The day began with morning yoga sessions, promoting deep stretches and full-body relaxation. This was followed by a tea ceremony with Ancient Chinese Qin-Xiao music that explored the traditional art of wellness through Chinese music and tea rituals. Guests also enjoyed an aromatherapy candle-making workshop using natural scents to soothe body, mind, and spirit.

A highlight of the event was the immersive sleeping & healing concert by “Ming Shi”, one of China’s most influential sleep therapy teams. This unique performance, a first for Hong Kong and Macau, used music as a remedy for common modern ailments such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Through innovative renditions with instruments like the piano, guqin, and flute, participants were guided through an auditory journey simulating natural environments, easing accumulated stress and tension, and leading them to a tranquil and rejuvenating “seven-layer dream”.

Galaxy Promenade, housing luxury fashion and clean beauty brands from around the world, is an ideal destination for a shopping therapy. It regularly hosts pop-up stores and themed art exhibitions, allowing guests to enjoy a relaxing shopping experience while rejuvenating their bodies and minds. From now until June 24, guests are invited to visit the exclusive Summer in Dior Pop-Up at Pearl Lobby, Galaxy Promenade. This pop-up store offers a summer vacation vibe with one-on-one makeup, skincare, hand and facial massage services. The store also features an exclusive Dior Café where guests can relax on lounge chairs, enjoy afternoon tea, and immerse themselves in the elegant lifestyle as interpreted by Dior.

Following this, from June 28 to October 7, the World’s First large-scaled indoor art installations “Eggspression Immersive Art Experience” exhibition will be presented at multiple areas within Galaxy Promenade and Galaxy Art, taking visitors on an artistic journey centered on love and life. This will be an extraordinary egg adventure. Through a series of interactive art installations, it will guide the audience to explore the profound meaning of a positive life that lies behind the humble egg. Additional experiences include a lucky draw, themed workshops, and inspiring culinary delights, allowing guests to embrace a remarkable summer to immersion, unwind and de-stress.

At Galaxy Macau, guests can embark on a refreshing healing journey anytime, anywhere. On a beautiful summer day, families and friends can enjoy nature at the Grand Resort Deck, appreciate the subtropical landscape from the comfort of a tent, have a leisurely picnic, and relax in the 75,000 square meter sky oasis. Galaxy Macau’s restaurants, including CHA BEI and Bei Shan Lou, offer a variety of nutritious Chinese and Western dishes and beverages. Guests can also indulge in healing massages at the Forbes Five-Star Banyan Tree Spa Macau and The Ritz-Carlton Spa Macau, or Foot Hub, to explore relaxation at their own pace, savoring moments of tranquility.

For more information about the exciting activities and experiences of the Revel in an Oasis of Bliss” campaign, please visit the official website at www.galaxymacau.com or follow the latest updates on their official Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Little Red Book, and Douyin platforms.