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WildAid, Whiskers N Paws and Yum Me Play Launch #EndTheTrade Conservation Journey to Stop the Wildlife Trade Collecting 1,000,000 signatures to call for an end to wildlife markets

November 3, 2020 Responsible Tourism No Comments

The WildAid #EndTheTrade Conservation Experience will be held from November 4th – 22nd at Hysan Place and Lee Garden Two, with activations including a pop-up store, themed exhibitions and interactive workshops for kids. Fully supported and staged by Whiskers N Paws and Yum Me Play, the initiative aims to raise awareness for wild animals facing the threat of extinction due to rampant illegal poaching. Species such as rhinos, sharks, pangolins, elephants, sea turtles, lions, tigers, etc. remain in grave situations – take the rhino for example, there are fewer than 30,000 individuals left, and among them, only 2 Northern White rhinos left in the world and both of them are female, leaving this species functionally extinct; 73 million sharks are killed every year due to human demand on shark fin, i.e. 2.3 sharks are killed per second; Pangolins are often neglected, but in fact, they are the most illegally smuggled mammals in the world – more than 100,000 pangolins are killed each year for their flesh and scales. Therefore, in a bid to urge Governments to end commercial trade in wild terrestrial animals and save the few left, the Global Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Conservation Society and WildAid together launched the #EndTheTrade conservation campaign, which has been endorsed globally by 400 NGOs. The petition aims to collect 1 million signatures to call out to the governments of the world to permanently ban the commercial trade in terrestrial wild animals, especially for consumption.

The global outbreak of the COVID-19 further highlights the risks of virus transmission from wildlife to humans, which further reinforces WildAid’s work to end the trade of wildlife to prevent future epidemic diseases. WildAid is also collaborating with Whiskers N Paws and Yum Me Play in this campaign with the aim to promote wildlife conservation to animal lovers and educate young children about wildlife conservation through a series of interactive activities and specially designed fundraising products.


The pop-up store will be held from November 4th – 15th at G/F Hysan Place (Kai Chiu Road entrance), with the support from Hysan Development as the venue sponsor. With “Outdoor Discovery” as a theme, the pop-up store is designed as an adventure campsite, featuring the exhibition of the Land Rover Discovery, the world’s most capable and versatile SUV, sponsored and loaned by British Motors, creating an immersive outdoor experience of indulgence and discovery.

A variety of themed exhibits and merchandise will be displayed in the pop-up store, including three-dimensional wild animal origami models painted by 4 animal-loving artists, who have joint hands to appeal to the public to support the #EndTheTrade campaign. The public can take photos with these origami models to express their determination and enthusiasm for wildlife conservation, followed by signing the #EndTheTrade petition at the signature station.

We call on everyone to participate in the #EndTheTrade campaign and help save endangered wildlife”, said Dorothy Cheng, WildAid’s Hong Kong Representative. “I am very grateful to Whiskers N Paws and Yum Me Play for their unwavering support of wildlife, for joining our effort to mobilize the public and spread the message: keep them wild, keep us safe,” Cheng added.

Vada Chung, Founder of Whiskers N Paws, said: “As an organization that encourages a “Love Animal Love Life” mentality in Hong Kong, our philosophy aligns with WildAid’s #EndTheTrade campaign. This collaboration not only reinstates our core value of caring for animal welfare but helps us extend this important value to the field of wildlife conservation. At the same time, we are thrilled to collaborate with Yum Me Play and receive the support of Hysan Development, which has furthered our efforts in the promotion of these important values to the general public in Hong Kong.”

A themed exhibition featuring 10 celebrities

The pop-up store also features ten artists supporting the #EndTheTrade campaign, including Sammy Leung, Annie Liu, James Ng, Selena Lee, Laurinda Ho, Fiona Sit, Pakho Chow, Stephanie Cheng, Alex Fong and Janice Man. Wearing the #ENDTHETRADE T-shirt and holding a three-dimensional wild animal origami model, their portraits draw public’s attention to wildlife conservation, serving as a stark reminder to #EndTheTrade, calling for a permanent end to the commercial trade and sale in markets of terrestrial animals for consumption.

In addition, special edition merchandise including Whiskers N Paws’ #LoveAnimalsLoveLife Collection Pack, the Yum Me Play Wild Animal Themed Kit and WonderHat Wild Aid Series will be available for purchase at the pop-up along with a coffee corner offering animal “latte art” beverages and animal-shaped cookies. Partial proceeds from the sale of these merchandise will be further donated to WildAid as conservation funds.

One-to-one rhino themed exhibition area

A one-to-one rhino paper art sculpture will be displayed at Lee Garden Two (2/F themed exhibition area), highlighting the characteristics of the rhino in the form of paper crafting. Traditional handicrafts, just like wild animals, are gradually disappearing in the city, and it is time for humankind to learn to cherish and protect these valuable gems. Interactive and informative displays on wildlife conservation designed by Yum Me Play and WildAid are set up on the second floor of Lee Garden Two, allowing children to learn more about the habits and facts about different endangered species. Colleen Yu, Co-Founder of Yum Me Play, explained: “Yum Me Play has always advocated immersive and thematic experiential learning to stimulate children’s curiosity, creativity and passion to dream. Via our newly launched Yum Me Experience, we hope to immerse children in the topic of wild-life conservation through interactive displays and engaging workshops designed together with WildAid.  We hope children can leave the experience with strong urge to support the cause while parents can continue to educate their children using our carefully curated books, games and imaginative play tools including our newly launched WonderHat.  We believe in the importance of early education and exposure on such important topics and by this collaboration we hope to inspire the next generation of conservationists to build a more sustainable future for the next generations to come. “

Yum Me Play x Maggie & Rose Safari Workshop

Yum Me Play is hosting a series of fun and interactive wild-life themed workshops with Maggie & Rose, a family members’ club on 3/F Lee Garden Two, from November 4th – 27th. The workshops include the very popular Make and Make Believe Program, a series of carefully designed role playing workshops aimed to encourage children to learn more about and build empathy towards these endangered species. The Messy Masters Art program also helps children learn more about the habits and habitats of the wildlife via sensorial art activities. Younger children can also sign up for the very fun Little Cheflets baking class to learn how to make delicious and cute animal-shaped cookies too! 

Lee Gardens Member exclusive #EndTheTrade themed rewards

Lee Gardens has long committed to sustainability and support environmental protection. To support the WildAid #EndTheTrade Conservation Journey, shoppers can redeem Kids Rewards like Yum Me Play x WildAid WonderHat Collection, Yum Me Play Wild Animal Themed Kit, or Yum Me Play x Maggie & Rose Safari Workshops from November 4th onwards by collecting a designated number of Piggy e-stamps. Earn a Piggy e-stamp by every HK$500 electronic payment spending at Lee Garden Two or Three, or at restaurants in the Lee Gardens Area on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

Also, download the Lee Gardens App and become a new Lee Gardens Member, to redeem an Animal themed Coffee for FREE at the pop-up store at G/F Hysan Place (Kai Chiu Road entrance) on November 4th – 15th.

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