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Vaccine passports are coming to Australia! Here’s what you should know

September 15, 2021 Coronavirus (Covid-19), Headline News No Comments

2021 has been dynamic for the Australian tourism industry. With the opening and suspension of the New Zealand travel bubble, announcements for borders to remain close for the entire year and the sudden surge in COVID-19 cases, the Australian tourism industry has been on a thin spot.

However, after days of gloominess, some positive news is finally here for the tourism industry and travellers. 

Vaccine passports: the new pick

Vaccine passports are not a new concept. Many countries are already in place with this system. However, due to the slow vaccination process in Australia, the government couldn’t proceed with it. Now, with the rise in the rate of mass vaccination, it is probably the most suitable time for the Fed to launch vaccine passports.

In collaboration with the international IT company, Accenture; the Morrison Government has announced that it’s planning to proceed with vaccine passports for international travel. The government is currently developing a QR code with the International Civil Aviation Organisation. Once that is done, Australian vaccine certificates will be internationally recognised.

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Implications of vaccine passports

Once vaccine passports are put in place, Aussies would be asked to use the MyGov portal to upload vaccination proof to a QR code linked to their passports. This way they’ll be able to avail the benefits of the new system.

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Only through the QR code it would be revealed if a person is vaccinated or not. In many countries, international visitors are required to show their proof of vaccination; thus, the QR code system will allow them to visit the foreign land at ease- of course, when borders open.

The happy hour for travellers

The system of vaccination passports will allow more international visitors to visit Australia at scale. Vaccination passports is an optimum way of reopening Australia’s international borders for international visitors and Aussies.

By providing digitally verified COVID-19 vaccination details, people can again come out of the loop of lockdowns and being homebound. They can once again relish the beauty of tourism. The government has asserted that once the vaccination passport system kicks in, more international travellers, Aussies living in a foreign land, students and other groups of people would be welcomed to visit Australia.

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The advancements vaccine passports will make

Vaccine passports will reopen the opportunities for the Australian economy, let alone the tourism industry. The government officials have said that once the vaccination passport system becomes successful for travel and tourism, they would soon establish the same for other services like visas, imports, licenses, etc.

New South Wales and Victorian governments have suggested that vaccine passports would be required for major events, pubs and clubs. Once Australia hits the goal of 80% vaccinated Australians above the age of 16, they’d be allowed to travel extensively and relish their thirst for travel and exploration.

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Conclusively, the Australian government has made it clear that it is only through successful mass vaccination that people travel overseas. However, Australia needs to enhance its speed and efficiency in the vaccination drives. Civilians need to take the jab if they want to participate in public events and foreign travel. Many other countries are successfully functioning with the same system; thus, Australia has many options to take inspiration from. And, if everything goes well, in no time, the Australian tourism industry will boost again. 


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