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Turkey’s peerless islands with their deep blue sea and immaculate air

October 23, 2020 Visit Europe No Comments

Surrounded by the sea on three sides, you can stumble upon any of Turkey’s many scenic beauties each more pleasant than the other. In particular, the islands on the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean Sea dazzle both local and foreign tourists with their great views that combine blue with green.


Bozcaada’s popularity has long been on the rise thanks to its small boutique hotels and dining venues, making it one of the most frequently visited destinations for an island vacation in Turkey. Accessible via ferries that depart from Geyikli, Çanakkale, after an approximately half-an-hour-long journey, Bozcaada’s most popular beaches are located in Ayazma, Akvaryum, Sulubahçe, Çayır and Aya Yorgi Cove. Bozcaada is surrounded by cobblestone streets, motley array of cafés and restaurants, crowded stands, and blissful taverns, making it a place where all holidaymakers can find something to their liking. And the annual Vine Harvest Festival, which is held on the first week of September, brings together wine connoisseurs.


When one thinks of Gökçeada, wandering on the streets of its Greek villages and its magnificent coastline are the first to come to mind. Turkey’s biggest island, Gökçeada offers wonderful beaches one can have a swim right next to its historical villages. Those who wish to take advantage of the deep blue waters of the Aegean on the shores of the island can visit the Kefaloz Beach, which is also known as Aydıncık, or Gizli Liman, which is located on the westernmost tip of the island. Deemed among the most beautiful beaches on the island, the Aydıncık Beach is also renowned for the mud bath situated right next to it. In the meantime, surfing enthusiasts will enjoy the chance to receive windsurfing training in Kefaloz and to surrender themselves to the wind here.  

Kalem Island

One of the most beautiful locations ever given by the nature, Kalem Island in Dikili, İzmir, is one of the most ideal destinations for a summer vacation. With its clear, shallow and pristine waters, Kalem Island hosts many tourists year-round thanks to its cultural and thermal spring tourism. The district is a gateway to the world from the Dikili Port and a magnificent holiday destination with its beaches. A popular spot among holidaymakers with its nearly 40km-long beach and deep blue sea, Dikili caters to its visitors with several accommodation facilities that are usually open year-round.  

Sedir Island

Situated on the Aegean Sea and home to the world’s most delicate sands, Sedir Island dazzles its visitors with its blue that winks through the pine forests. Known as the place where Mark Anthony had the silhouette of his lover, Cleopatra, carved on a mountain to immortalize his love for her, the Sedir Island’s chalk white sands were brought from Egypt. The Cleopatra Cove is surrounded by the trees while its clear waters are adorned by islets large and small. With a history dating back to the 6th century, the Kedrai Ancient City’s city walls, temple ruins and theater are in a very good state.

Cunda Island

Cunda, or the Alibey Island, is actually connected to Ayvalık through a narrow road. As one of the most popular touristic destinations in recent years, Cunda hosts its foreign and domestic visitors of all ages throughout the year. The Church of Taxiarchs, Rahmi Koç Museum, Şeytan Sofrası and the Clock Mosque may be visited in Cunda, where the old stone houses are renovated and converted to hotels, and the port and its environment are adorned by fine restaurants.

Şövalye (Knight) Island

The only island with a settlement off the coast of Fethiye, the Şövalye Island draws the attention of domestic and foreign tourists with its historical ruins and tranquility it offers. Situated in one of Turkey’s most beautiful holiday destinations, Fethiye, Muğla, the island is accessible via the boats that depart from Fethiye city center and Çalış Beach. The island took its name from the Knights of Rhodes, who were stationed in the area in the 15th century. It offers its visitors a peaceful vacation in touch with history.



Accessible only by boat, Kekova is the name of the entire bay. Particularly the archaeological wealth on it lures in numerous domestic and foreign tourists to the island throughout the season. A hallmark of Kekova is the submerged ruins from antiquity along the coastline between Kaş and Demre. The diving and kayaking tours organized around the island draw in those who wish to take a closer look at these ruins.


Orak Island

Bodrum is one of the first places to come mind when one thinks of the best holiday destinations in Turkey. One of the biggest islands on Gökova, Orak Island is situated immediately across the Kargacık Bay, which is 16 kilometers away from Bodrum city center, and it is accessible by boats that depart from the port or near the old Halicarnassus. This magnificent island is also frequented by a host of sea creatures particularly by the caretta carettas (loggerhead sea turtles), which makes it a perfect choice for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Accommodation is not available as there is no settlement on the island.



The biggest of the Prince’s Islands –an archipelago off the coast of İstanbul on the Sea of Marmara— is Büyükada, which stands out as a distinctive location with its inhabitants that live that throughout the year. Cycling is the sole mode of transportation on the island where motor vehicles are prohibited. Its old mansions, parkways, and houses adorned with flowers give Büyükada the atmosphere of a holiday resort while and Hiristos and Aya Yorgi Churches, Greek Orphanage, Hamidiye Mosque and the House of Trotsky are among the must-see spots of the island.


Third biggest island of the Prince’s Islands archipelago in İstanbul, Burgazada is a neighborhood of the Adalar district. It is one of the special destinations preferred by both locals and foreign tourists thanks to its unique location and magnificent nature. The Hiristos Monastery is situated on the Bayrak Hill, which is the only elevation on the island. Burgazada is one of the most popular locations in İstanbul with its climate, coastline, pines, and renovated elegant mansions. The waterfront houses and mansions on the island are renowned for their beauty and grace.

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