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Tucan Travel hire a Purpose Officer to redefine ‘Responsible Travel’

September 19, 2019 Tour Operator No Comments

Adventure travel tour operator, Tucan Travel, have hired Tanya Clover as the company Purpose Officer. Tanya’s role will be to streamline Tucan Travel’s purpose of responsible travel – highlighting their mission of educating travellers to the wider world.

Since 1987 when they began operating group tours, Tucan Travel’s core purpose has been to provide adventures with passion that open people’s eyes to the diversity of people, cultures and habitats across the world.

They believe that it is only by seeing and engaging with different people, cultures and habitats that we can begin to have an understanding and appreciation of the world around us.

This is more important than ever with the rise of hard right self serving politics, the climate crisis and the need for the global community to unite to fight separatism. Responsible travel requires operators to work with individuals and communities to establish sustainable solutions that balance open travel and conservation and income generation and welfare. Responsible must mean working to support education, safeguarding individuals and communities against exploitation and acting as mediator between industry and the environment. These are complex issues that require sensitive and consistent responses.

Tanya’s background is in education and research within the health and social care industry, with a focus on Safeguarding and Human Rights. She will bring her experience, including working for an international charitable organisation, to streamlining Tucan Travel’s communication about their Purpose to partners, travellers and staff. This work includes showcasing how each tour operates responsibly, gathering insights and stories from staff and local operators and will highlight how personal relationships inform the company’s global offering.

Her work will also include looking at how the company, its staff and travellers can contribute to the work of recognised charitable organisations that share the same values as Tucan Travel.

CEO, Matt Gannan was quoted

“I believe that we have always been a responsible tour operator. We have always supported local people, local economies, animal welfare and been responsible about the way we travel through every place we visit. Tanya will be driving this vision – working with all teams and looking at what Responsible Travel means for us and our travellers.”

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