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Trend: Ecotourism and Mindfulness

February 6, 2021 Destination Feature No Comments

The last few months have shown us how important our health is. For a functioning and resistant immune system, the human body not only needs to be fuelled by a healthy diet with the right nutrients but also requires exercise, fresh air, and good quality sleep for proper recovery of our internal systems.

Our everyday life is often characterized by time pressure, stress, and negative news. As a result, we lose awareness of our own needs and put our health on the back burner. The result is fatigue, frustration, and health concerns.

Taking care of ourselves, taking time out and regularly recharging our batteries are important factors for our health and form the basis for our well-being.

In times of the pandemic, this challenge to look after ourselves is much more difficult. We sit more, move less, and facilities offering wellness and exercise are closed. Travelling, which has a great influence on our well-being, is also severely restricted or not possible at all. Thus, the pandemic has also an impact on how we travel in the future and teaches us mindfulness. Trend and forecast researchers assume that there will be a dramatic increase in eco and “engagement” tourism.

Green Pearls® hotels are the ideal place to focus on mindfulness after the pandemic, to travel sustainably, and to immerse yourself in a relaxing and revitalizing world. They combine ecotourism and mindfulness in a unique and magical way.

Our next newsletters will be dedicated to our sustainable hotels and their offers in the realm of health, wellness, and mindfulness.

Holistic Retreats in Keemala

In the middle of the Kamala rainforests of Phuket lies the Keemala “villa wonderland”. In addition to the striking design and holistic gastronomic experience, the hotel is known for its range of comprehensive retreats. The Keemala offers a selection of “Holistic Living Retreats” carefully crafted to suit a variety of lifestyles and personal desires. Packages include pampering massages, healing treatments, physical exercises such as yoga, and daily spa cuisine. A wide variety of options leave the body feeling revitalized and the mind clearer.

The luxurious retreats purify, energize, relax and rejuvenate. They are available as three- to six-day programs and are tailored to guests’ individual preferences.

The Purify Retreat includes a range of carefully selected treatments designed to help guests free their minds from stress and their bodies from tension. Yoga, meditation, and detox, and reflexology massages are complemented by personalized spa cuisine and daily organic drinks. In addition to mental relaxation, detoxification and purification effects are the focus of this therapeutic program. The Unwind Retreat is another option for stress reduction. It was developed for those who work in a fast-paced, high-pressure world. It includes stress management techniques, exercises, and therapeutic spa treatments. For those looking for something more invigorating, the Energise Retreat is a perfect choice. More exercise and therapeutic treatments are combined to improve your endurance, strength, and flexibility.

The Rejuvenate Retreat uses the intense anti-aging effects of organic algae and deeply nourishing spa therapies to renew skin cells and revitalize the body. Holistic traditional bodywork improves the circulation of “Qi”, the body’s life force, and the secret to longevity. “A complete rejuvenation will not only make you look younger, but it will also make you feel younger.”

Organic beverages and Spa Cuisine meals are included in every retreat under the holistic approach at Keemala. Keemala is closed until the end of April, where it then looks forward to welcoming guests back to enjoy its “Holistic Living Retreats”.

Api-Wellness in South Tyrol

The family-run Hotel Rinner in Oberbozen introduces you to a healing power from the beehive. Since 2014, the hotel has been offering its guests the unique “Api Wellness” treatment of beehive air inhalation.

But what is actually beehive air? In order for bees to survive the whole year, they live in a colony and collect pollen and nectar. The pollen serves as food for the bees, while the nectar, mixed with the bees’ own juices, is converted into honey. Inside the hive, the bees coat everything with various plant juices. The so-called propolis, acts as a natural antibiotic and protects against fungi, viruses, and bacteria. To keep the temperature and humidity in the hive constant, the bees continuously beat their wings. The airflow that this creates contains essential oils, flavonoids, aromatic substances, and other active ingredients that increase well-being. The air also has a healing effect on various respiratory problems and allergies.

A special breathing system for hive air, developed by certified organic and apitherapy beekeeper Jürgen Schmiedgen, gently draws the valuable air from the hive. With the help of the inhalation system, the guest can directly inhale the delicately beeswax-scented air, and a wonderful sense of calm and tranquillity sets in. By the way, the bees are not disturbed by this process.

In addition to Api-Wellness, Hotel Rinner also offers wellness with plenty of picturesque panoramic views. The outdoor whirlpool is the ideal place to relax after an active day and offers a breathtaking view of the South Tyrolean mountains. The Finnish garden sauna is also a relaxing wellness plus. It is located in a separate area of the garden and also delights with a magnificent view of the mountains.

Going up to come down

The HUBERTUS unplugged offers holistic wellness and health concepts to ground mind, body, and soul and awaken new life energies. The hotel’s HolisticLife concept has a range of treatments and retreats on offer, with the aim of helping the guest reconnect with themselves and find both peace and happiness in their depths.

The hotel unites all individual spa treatments under the term HolisticTouch. The focus here is on the influence of the primal elements air, fire, earth, and water on human well-being. HolisticFood is an elementary building block in the hotel’s health concept and combines healthy nutrition with pleasure. In the kitchen, Allgäu traditions are combined with modern cooking styles from all over the world.

Mindfulness is the central focus at the HUBERTUS. Being mindful means being fully in tune with oneself. It means getting in touch with yourself and noticing your feelings. Being completely present with oneself in the moment is what the hotel promotes in the HolisticSpirit area. Their offers range from mindfulness days to yoga retreats and holistic coaching. Yoga, Ayurveda, Detox, nutritional coaching, Qi Gong, meditation, and chakra retreats are offered all year round. The Room of Stillness and the Strength Plaza on the roof of the hotel also provide spaces to pause and connect.

The new spa area of the HUBERTUS will open in May 2021. The natural bathing pond, the alpine Zen garden with a Japanese Onsen, a pool with a fantastic view of the Allgäu mountains and various saunas round off the holistic concept of the hotel.

In our next mindfulness newsletter, we will introduce you to more Green Pearls® hotels and holiday homes.

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