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Tourism lndustry Networking

January 8, 2019 Events Calendar No Comments
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As founder and tour coordinator of Sepik Eco Adventures (SEA), l am seeking for possibilities to forge a partnership with *Outbound Tour Operators and *Travel Agents or *Companies who may be interested in expansion of destinations and marketing in this part of the world.

After 3 years stay and traveling in Australia and New Zealand is an inspiration which l am pursuing, so  SEA was initiated along this ambition.
S E A is based in the middle region of the touristy Sepik river (known has Middle Sepik). The river is 1’126 km and is navigable right up to it’s source. It is subdivided as *Upper, *Middle & *Lower Sepik .The either sides of the river  are composed of over 1’000 lakes and lagoons. Major tributaries and waterways are interconnected which were traditional access routes and now accessible for adventure excursion routes for tourist visitors. Sepik is the hub for tourist visitors all year round. The full length of the *river, with *lakes, *lake islands, *lagoons, *waterway shallows and *canals and the  the *tropical rainforests with *ranges and *wildlife, presents the landscape with beauty and contrast.
Visitors can request for traditional/cultural activities or items to be performed upon request with certain fees. Apart from regular tourist visitors, the Middle Sepik annual cultural events attracts scores of global visitors. Over the passed years and till to date, *academics, *researchers and *documentary film-makers continue their presence.
An Englishman, Benedict Allen got initiated in my village in 1989. A Swiss man (27) is likely to have his turn in the near future.
Lake-islanders who are clay- potters fascinate visitors and film makers in life production from wet to fire heated firm finished products.
¤Ancient Historical Sites
¤Arts & Craft (artefacts)
¤Towering Man’s Houses
¤Slitgong Drum Beating
¤Bamboo Flute Music
¤Initiation/Skin Cutting Ceremony
¤Cultural/Traditional Festivals
¤Traditional Food Preparation
¤Sago Palm – the process of extracting milky juice liquid into powder
¤Sago Cooking
¤Picturesque *Chambri and *Blackwater lakes
¤Pristine Hunstein Ranges with *Falls & *Rapids.
1-seasonal breeding (April-Sept) by 8     waterbird  species and
2-Birds of Paradise *in the mood of courtship and laughter. This is their daily performance twice a day @ 6-7AM & 6-7PM.
Visit the essential places to *see *taste and fully *experience as it unveils to you.
Combination of*culture *traditional livelihood *artistic ability and with the landscape , Sepik is a fusion of spectecular natural features with amazing delights one would never forget.
1-circumcission or skin cutting ceremony (occasional).
2-crocodile festival: First week of August @ Ambunti and
3-middle Sepik show- date not fixed.
Sepik Eco Adventures is available to cater for number of days of adventures. If your TOURISM and or TRAVEL BUSINESS/COMPANY choose to expand or extend this way, you push the boundaries of *travel, *opening up the worlds remotest corners, *allowing you a taste of difference.
Recently created site with few information is available . More Information will be added in the near future.

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