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Tips for Choosing the Right Location for Your Business

January 29, 2021 Business News No Comments

When you’re thinking of starting a business, there are a million things running through your mind all at once. From getting the permits for your business to making sure you have enough inventory for the grand opening after you’ve succeeded, it can be a whirlwind of a time. One of the biggest things you need to be thinking about, however, is what location you’re going to put your business in.

You’ve looked at all the reasons for starting your own business and now you’re going forward full steam ahead. However, while you’re comparing electric rates, looking for the right supplier for your barbershop or salon, and trying to find the right software tools to perfect your business and be more efficient, start thinking about the location you want to set your business up in. If you’re lost on how to even determine what location is best, keep reading for a few tips to get you started.

Your Business Sense

While this might sound like a no-brainer, you really need to know what your business is all about before you can choose a location. Maybe you think you’ll have more people walking into your shop than customers ordering stuff on the phone. For example, if you’re opening a barber shop or a salon, you don’t want to put it somewhere that isn’t easy to access. You want your customers to be able to easily get through your parking lot, sit in the best barber chair you can buy, lean back against the headrest, kick their feet up on the footrest and let you cut their hair and pamper them for a bit.

Someone who’s coming in for a haircut and a shave doesn’t want to have to walk across two parking lots to get their hair cut, so make sure you choose a location that is easily reachable for your customers. No one wants to walk forever just to sit in a hydraulic barber chair, so don’t make them.

Scout the Competition

When you’re scouting out a location for your business, make sure you first find out where your competition is on the block. The last thing you want is to move in across the street from a competitor, especially since that location probably already has a group of loyal customers that might not be willing to give a new barber or stylist a chance. By finding out where your competition is, you can set up your shop in a spot that will allow you to build your own loyal customer group and succeed the way you intended to.

It is a good idea to talk to other business owners in the area, however, to see what utility provider they use. As with anything else in the business world, different electric providers charge different rates, and you want to sign on with the one that will give you the best rates for your business. Make sure to compare electricity rates and even consider going with off-grid solutions if they are available for your area and your business. There are energy suppliers out there who offer great energy rates, so do your research and find the right one for you.

Scouting Out Other Businesses


While you’re searching for tools that will help you increase business efficiencies once you’re open, make sure to scope out the other businesses in the location you’re considering. This is important because certain businesses can actually help draw customers to your business. For example, if you’re opening a health food store, then having a fitness center next door should help you attract customers.

These are just a few tips for choosing the right location for your new business. While the other things are super important to get done, the right location is key to your success. Think about your preferences and you’ll be sure to succeed!

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