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The reasons why The Islands of Tahiti is the best choice for your first trip post-COVID based on travel trends

December 17, 2020 Visit South Pacific No Comments

While we are so eager to just jump on a plane and go as far as possible to escape the Australian and New Zealand shores, it might be a bit difficult to decide on where to go first once we’re finally able to travel.Luckily, The Islands of Tahiti tick all the boxes for Australian and New Zealand travellers based on the recent travel trend reports.

See below the latest trends and why a trip to The Islands of Tahiti is the first destination to book a trip for once we are able to travel again.

 Micro Destinations – Moorea

Moorea was listed as one of the hottest micro destinations that Australian travellers most want to visit in 2021 according to travel site Vacaay.  The heart-shaped island that wows visitors flying into The Islands of Tahiti is found less than 20km from sister island Tahiti and according to Australian and New Zealand travellers it stops them in their tracks “thanks to its stunning mix of temperate azure coastline, verdant mountain peaks and shallow waters perfect for close encounters with marine life” (Vacaay’s Future of Travel Report).

 Offline Adventures – Fakarava

According to Vacaay’s Report, offline adventures where we get to unplug from our virtual events, zoom calls and scrolling through seemingly endless bad news will much more popular than city stays. Destinations like well-kept secret of The Islands of Tahiti, Fakarava will be the perfect option for this kind of trip. It’s the second largest of the Tuamotu atolls and is considered a nature sanctuary. Its reef is a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and safeguards a variety of endemic wildlife, which the local population is passionate about protecting. While the resorts at the island do have wifi, the connection is quite limited so you might as well just leave the phone and laptop in your bungalow for the entire stay.

An urge to splurge – Bora Bora & The Brando Resort

The Future of Travel Report 2021 also found that many Australians will have an urge to splurge for a little bit of extra luxury in 2021 where the island of Bora Bora and the luxury resort The Brando are mentioned as two perfect options for this. After a year of not being able to go anywhere, many Australians might opt to pay a little extra for their first holiday overseas to ensure you get to most out of it.

For those who are interested in splurging but also want to try something brand new, might be interested in renting the very first floating villa in Bora Bora in 2021. The eco-friendly boat manufactured by ELYT Charter Tahiti has taken the overwater villa concept to the next level, which can accommodation up to eight guests with its 120 square metres and four bedrooms.

The celebrity-favoured resort The Brando, which was made famous for being discovered by Marlon Brando is a remote, ultra-polished and eco-friendly island getaway and a love song to the South Pacific.  The resort is nearing its goal to becoming fully carbon neutral and self-sustainable, which means that a splurged stay here doesn’t take a huge toll on the environment.

The celebrity-faved eco-resort The Brando continues to impress.

Demand for lesser-known destinations – Rurutu

Rurutu is still very much a hidden gem in The Islands of Tahiti and here is where you can find a very different kind of Polynesian holiday. On the most northerly island in French Polynesia, there are no overwater bungalows or beachfront hotels, no glitz and glamour – just a really laidback traditional island where travellers can stay in guesthouses run by the locals.

With an increased demand for lesser-known and more isolated destinations, Rurutu is the perfect opportunity for travellers of exploring this pristine beauty of an island. Rurutu is also a great destination for swimming with humpback whales, as they hug the reefs meaning that snorkellers can come up close to the magnificent creatures in crystal clear waters just 1km out.

With strikingly beautiful nature ranging from lush jungles and high mountain peaks to vibrant coral reefs, it’s not hard to understand why The Islands of Tahiti is such a sought after destination. The 118 islands offer every possible type of holiday imaginable, where you can be as active – or inactive – as you like, plus accommodation options ranging from guesthouses run by local families, to yacht charters in the blue lagoons, and even camping, makes this a destination suitable for every type of traveller.

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