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The Pod Hotels Partner With Routier To Increase Hotel Guest Satisfaction And Maximize Brand Performance

January 7, 2019 Hotel News No Comments

The Pod Hotels, an innovative boutique brand with hotels across the east coast, has partnered with Routier to increase guest engagement and experience, optimize operational performance, and maintain brand standards through their Hotel Management Platform.

Their dedication to quality and creating the best during stay guest experience by adapting the most innovative technologies has enabled the brand to position itself at the forefront of the hotel industry.

To ensure that their properties are maintaining brand standards and delivering on brand promises, The Pod Hotels implemented Routier’s Unified Performance Index (UPI) as their standard measurement tool for managing and benchmarking their properties’ operational and marketing efforts. With this clarity, they were able to:

  • Gain real-time insights to make quick, data-driven business decisions
  • Create benchmarks and data-driven business targets for their properties
  • Form incentive programs that improve property and brand performance
  • Optimize hotel operations and marketing strategies
  • Ensure guest touch points adhere to brand strategy

“It is truly amazing how much transparency the UPI brings to our team,” says David Bernstein, Managing Director of the Pod Hotels. “Now we are able to truly understand what differentiates each property from the next. But the truly great thing is that this UPI has managed to bolster healthy competition amongst the properties; Routier are working harder than ever in order to get higher UPI scores than everyone else.”

In addition to adopting a new standard measurement tool, they also adopted Routier’s patented guest engagement technologies in order to create the best during stay experience possible for their guests.

With Routier, The Pod Hotels’ staff were able to directly connect and engage with up to 63% of their guests, enabling them to respond to guest needs instantly and increase guest satisfaction levels.

There was also an immediate increase in guest feedback and requests, which were easily monitored and managed with Routier’s Ticket Management Platform. The platform notified the staff in real-time whenever a guest reported an issue or made a request, providing them with both transparency into current and reoccurring guest issues and the instantaneous information they needed to solve any issue or request quickly. Additionally, Routier’s Ticket Management Platform enabled The Pod Hotels to save around 22 minutes/day for each team member by automating processes that were once manual and streamlining interdepartmental communication.

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